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The 2B1 Oka (In Cyrillic 2Б1 Ока) Is a mortar self-propelled artillery 420 mm developed and constructed Soviet Union the late fifties. 2B1 is the name GRAU

Development and technicalEdit

The development was started in the OK 1957 exploiting the system engine and chassis parts tank T-10. Its hull (Subject 273) was
800px-2B1 oka
designed and built by the Kirov plant in Leningrad (now St. Petersburg).

The main armament consisted of a mortar along 20 m Capable of firing a projectile of 750 kg distance of 45 km. Because of the complexity of loading, rate of fire was about one shot every five minutes.

The tests conducted showed that the project has several disadvantages, including the recoil is too strong, that several components could not bear (e.g., harm pinions guidance system, or by removing the gearbox from its hooks).

The development continued until 1960 when the idea of "supercannon" was abandoned in favor of tactical ballistic missile.

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