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The 3rd Squadron of the 8th Aviation Group ( 3 / 8 º GAV ) or Puma Squadron is a unit of Brazilian Air Force.
3-8gav puma

The Third Squadron of the Eighth Aviation Group ( 3 / 8 GAv ) is the organization of the Air Force Command which aims to train their crews and maintenance teams to carry out the missions assigned by the Command Second Air Force (II MEF ): Search and Rescue Missions, Relief Flight, Air Liaison and Observation, Air Logistics and medical withdrawal, the Task Operational Support to the Combat Air Operations and Special . (RICA and ICA 21-74/2006 19-15/2008 ) Operates aircraft H -34 Super Puma aircraft and T -25. Combat Team Special Transportation ( GTE ) operates with the version of the Super Puma transport Presidential VH -34.

The 3 / 8 GAv not have any SAR team . Uses for missions SAR / CSAR teams specialized PARA- SAR.

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