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The 47th Infantry Battalion (47 BI) Is a unit of Brazilian Army, located in the municipality of Coxim, in the state of Mato Grosso do Sul. Had the core form the 3rd Company of the Marines 42nd Motorized Infantry Battalion, Then headquartered in Goiânia, Which was originated by transformation of the 10th Battalion of Hunters. Was effectively implemented in 1976.

In July 24 of 2000, the 47 BI received the designation of Strategic Rapid Action Force of Military Command West, becoming part of a select group of Brazilian Army units to which is assigned the highest priority, given the need to be ready for employment anywhere in the area of responsibility of the Military Area Command to which they belong. Its location on the shores of River Coxim, Facilitates the displacement of its quota to the Swamp.

In April 2006, Was chosen to be the basis of the 6th Contingent of UN mission to stabilize Haiti, shipping in December of that year for that country an effective military and returning to 174 in May 2007.