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The Fifth Army of Ottoman Empire, Also known as Fifth Turkish Army, Was formed in March 24 of 1915 with the responsibility of defending the Dardanelles after entry of the rule of WWI. The original commander of the army was the German military adviser to the Ottoman Empire, General Otto Liman von Sanders, Who had commanded previously the 1st Turkish Army in Constantinople. Afterwards the command moved to Vehip Pasha, although Sanders maintain considerable influence.

In early 1915, as the allied campaign to capture the Dardanelles (Battle of Gallipoli) began, the Fifth Arm
Map of Turkish forces at Gallipoli April 1915

Disposition of Ottoman troops at Gallipoli

y consisted of two corps, The III Corps defended the Peninsula Gallipoli, while the XV Corps defended the coast Asian. In addition, 5th Turkish Division was positioned north of the peninsula.

The army consisted of the following divisions:

The 5th Army also had command of the fortress of Çanakkale and a squadron of planes.

When the Allies launched their "Offensive August"In a final effort to capture the peninsula, the number of divisions Turkish involved in the defense of the region had increased from ten (six in Hellespont and four in Anzac), And aditional regiments of infantry, and a brigade of cavalry. at Anzac were composed of III Corps .

Three more divisions , inserted in the "Asian Group, were responsible for defending the Asian shore of the Dardanelles. The XVI Corps also known as the "Group Saros" was located north of the "base" of the peninsula to protect her from a landing in Gulf of Saros.

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