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This page is a table of the insigia of Officer ranks in several Armies.

For Officer ranks, see Army Officer Ranks. For all enlisted ranks, see Enlisted Ranks.

NATO Rank OR-1OR-2OR-3OR-4OR-5OR-6OR-7OR-8OR-9OR-10
British Army

Private Lance Corporal Corporal Sergeant Staff Sergeant / Colour Sergeant Warrant Officer Class 2 Warrant Officer Class 1
PteL/CplCpl Sgt SSgt/CSgtWO2WO1
No Insignia BA OR3 BA OR4 BA OR5 BA OR7 BA OR8 BA OR9
United States Army

Private Private Private First Class Specialist
Sergeant Staff Sergeant Sergeant First Class Master Sergeant
First Sergeant
Sergeant Major
Command Sergeant Major
Sergeant Major of the Army
No Insignia 100px-US Army E-2 svg 100px-US Army E-3 svg 100px-US Army E-4 SPC svg100px-US Army E-4 svg 100px-US Army E-5 svg 100px-US Army E-6 svg 100px-US Army E-7 svg 100px-US Army E-8 MSG svg100px-US Army E-8 1SG svg 100px-US Army E-9 SGM svgUSAr insignia e9comm wag22 100px-US Army E-9 SMA svg