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Battle of Đức Cơ
Part of the Vietnam War
Date August 9, 1966
Location Đức Cơ, South Vietnam
Result Allied victory
Flag of Vietnam North Vietnam Flag of South Korea South Korea
Flag of South Vietnam South Vietnam
Flag of the Philippines Philippines[citation needed]
Commanders and leaders
Unknown Flag of South Korea Choi Byung-Soo

Flag of South Vietnam Ngo Quang Truong

Casualties and losses
63 killed
100+ wounded
6 captured
7 killed
46 wounded

Battle of Đức Cơ was a major engagement between the North Vietnamese 5th Battalion of the 33rd Regiment and the South Korean 3rd Battalion of the 1st Cavalry Regiment on August 9, 1966. The battle resulted from North Vietnamese attempts to infiltrate Đức Cơ from Cambodia.

On the night of August 9, the reinforced North Vietnamese 5th Battalion attacked a Korean tactical base in Đức Cơ, when the airborne were alerted to prevent the Defeated North Vietnamese regiments, trying to retreat back into Cambodia. During several hours of fighting the outnumbered South Koreans defeated their enemies who left more than one hundred bodies on the field. On the same day, meanwhile, USAF jet fighters opened fire on a pair of South Vietnamese villages, which they mistakenly believed were Vietcong camps. The resulting attack left 63 people dead and at least 100 more injured.

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