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Naval Battle of Dongyin Island
Part of the Chinese Civil War
Date May 1, 1965
Location Dongyin Island, Fukien, Republic of China
Result Both sides claimed victory
Flag of the Republic of China.svg Republic of China Flag of the People's Republic of China.svg People's Republic of China
Commanders and leaders
Taiwan Ho Ten Song China Unknown
1 destroyer 8 gunboats
Casualties and losses
Official Claim:
3 killed
4 wounded
7 killed
43 wounded
4 boats sunk
2 boats damaged

The Battle of Dong-Yin (東引海戰) was a naval conflict between forces of the Republic of China Navy and the People's Liberation Army Navy around the Dongyin island, Fukien Province, Republic of China on May 1, 1965. Both sides subsequently claimed victory.


Around 040 hours on May 1, 1965, an ROCN Northern Division Dong-jiang class destroyer on patrol northeast of Dong-Yin Island encountered a PLAN force consisting of 8 fast attack gunboats. The PLAN combatants attempted to encircle the ROCN destroyer, and the two sides exchanged fire from a distance of 500 - 1000 yards. In the ensuing exchange, 4 PLAN gunboats were sunk, and 2 damaged.

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