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Battle of Tarczek
Part of the Mongol invasion of Poland
Date 13 February 1241
Location Tarczek, Poland
Result Decisive Mongol victory
30px Mongol Empire Alex K Kingdom of Poland-flag Kingdom of Poland
Commanders and leaders
30px Kadan unknown
10,000 unknown
Casualties and losses
unknown Heavy

The Battle of Tarczek took place on 13 February 1241, during the first Mongol invasion of Poland. It ended in the defeat of the Polish armies of Lesser Poland.

In March 1241, after a successful winter campaign, in which Mongol forces captured and ransacked Sandomierz, Asiatic hordes entered Poland in full force. Near Sandomierz, the Mongol forces were divided into two groups. The stronger one, probably with 15,000 warriors under Baidar and Orda Khan, headed westwards, defeating Poles in the Battle of Chmielnik. The second army, with 10,000 warriors under Kadan (according to Jan Dlugosz) headed northwards, to the Land of Leczyca and Kujawy. On March 19, 1241, this army clashed with Polish knights near Tarczek. Most likely, the Polish forces which participated in the battle, were knights from Lesser Poland, survivors of the Battle of Chmielnik. They were defeated, and Tarczek itself was burned to the ground.

After the battle, the Mongols ransacked central Poland for a few more days. On April 1, 1241, they appeared in Krakow, and on April 8, they reached Wroclaw, where they joined the army of Baidar.


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