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The military hierarchy is the basis for organizing Armed Forces and makes up the chain of command to be followed by all members of the forces at its organizational structure. At Brazil the constitution provides that the President of the Republic is the highest position in the hierarchy of the armed forces .


The military is divided into two classes: official: Classified by ranks, and Praças: Classified by grades. These classes are subdivided into other according to the level of responsibility and professional qualification. For each rank corresponds to a regulatory insignia.

Navy of Brazil Brazilian Army Brazilian Air Force


Almirante admiral



Marechal ar Marshal of Air

Almirante esquadra admiral of the fleet

General exercito General of the Army

Tenente brigadeiro Lieutenant Brigadier of the-air

Vice almirante&nbsp Vice Admiral

General divisao General of the division

Major brigadeiro Major Brigadier

Contra almirante Rear Admiral

General brigada General of Brigade

Brigadeiro Brigadier



Capitao mareguerra Captain of the Sea and War



Coronel fab Colonel

Capitao fragata Captain Frigate

Tenente coronel&nbsp

Lieutenant Colonel

Tenente coronel fab&nbsp

Lieutenant Colonel

Capitao corveta Captain Corvette

Major exercito Major

Major fab Major



Capitao tenente Lieutenant Commander

Capitao Captain

Capitao fab Captain

Junior officers

Primeiro tenente First Lieutenant

1tenente First Lieutenant

1tenente fab First Lieutenant

Segundo tenente Second Lieutenant

2tenente Second Lieutenant

2tenente fab Second Lieutenant

Guarda marinha Reefer

Apirante Aspirant

Aspirante fab Aspirant

Squares or graduates

Suboficial NCO

Subtenente Warrant Officer

Suboficial fab NCO

PRAA 1~1

First Sergeant

PRAA 1~2

First Sergeant

PRAA 1~3

First Sergeant


Staff Sergeant

STAFF Sarge Staff Sergeant

Staff Navy Staff Sergeant

Tsarge Third sergeant

TerceroSargentoArmy third sergeant

TSargento Naviiy third sergeant

807CA5~1 Corporal

80PX-P~2 Corporal

Cabomarinha Corporal

80PX-P~4 Sailor

80PX-P~3 Soldier

Cabo Fab Soldier


  • The ranks of Admiral, Marshal, and Marshal of the Air - are filled only in case of war.
  • In the Navy, the officers of the Army Corps have a slight distinction (an increase of Around Nelson) In their badges, and those of other officers .
  • With few exceptions, annexed to the insignias are also used the badges of expertise.

Hierarchy of colonial and imperialEdit

Army Navy ( or Navy )
Captain General (After Marshal General) admiral -general
marshal admiral
general vice-admiral
Master- de-camp to Gen. ( later lieutenant general) Head of the Fleet
sergeant-major battle (after field -marshal) chief of division
Brigadier Colonel sea-
master- field ( then Colonel ) Captain of the sea -and- war
Lieutenant Colonel ( Captain-General in Ordinances) Captain Frigate
Sergeant-Mor (later Major ) Lieutenant Commander
captain Lieutenant -fish (later First Lieutenant )
lieutenant Lieutenant ( then Second Lieutenant )
Lieutenant Reefer
Cadet Aspirant
Sergeant Major Master
First Sergeant First Sergeant
Staff Sergeant Staff Sergeant
Quartermaster Quarter Master
tug-of- Squares cable
Anspeçada sailor
soldier seaman

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