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Operation Telic was the codename for British operations in Iraq, which lasted from 19 March 2003 to 31 July 2009. During the campaign, 179 British service personnel died (6 of them female)[1] and many more were wounded. Of the 179 fatalities, 136 personnel were classified as having been killed in hostile circumstances, with the remaining 43 losing their lives as a result of illness, accidents or suicide. The first casualties were sustained on 21 March 2003, with the bloodiest single day of the campaign being 30 January 2005 when a Royal Air Force C-130 Hercules transport aircraft was shot down between Baghdad and Balad, killing all 10 servicemen on-board. Full non-fatal casualty records are currently only available for the period after 1 January 2006. From that date to end of operations, 3,598 British personnel were wounded, injured or fell ill (315 wounded in action); 1,971 of whom required aeromedical evacuation.[2] However, these totals are likely to rise significantly as and when full records for 2003 to 2006 become available.

British Dead (By Arm / Service)Edit

Royal NavyEdit

Total: 8

Royal MarinesEdit

Total: 11

British ArmyEdit

Total: 137

Royal Air ForceEdit

Total: 22

Civilian Service Associated PersonnelEdit

Total: 1

British Dead (Rank - Name - Incident - Date)Edit

(NB: IED = Improvised Explosive Device. RTA = Road Traffic Accident)


Combat Fatalities: 0, Other Fatalities: 1, Wounded in Action: 0, Other Injured: 218.

Rank Name Unit Cause of Death Date
PrivateRyan WrathallPrincess of Wales's Royal RegimentGunshot (non-hostile)12 February 2009


Combat Fatalities: 2, Other Fatalities: 2, Wounded in Action: 20, Other Injured: 758.

Rank Name Unit Cause of Death Date
CorporalLee ChurcherRoyal EngineersGunshot (non-hostile)11 December 2008
Lance CorporalDavid Kenneth WilliamsArmy Air CorpsGunshot (non-hostile)4 December 2008
SergeantNick BrownSpecial Air ServiceSmall arms fire26 March 2008
SergeantDuane 'Baz' BarwoodRoyal Air ForceRocket attack29 February 2008


Combat Fatalities: 37, Other Fatalities: 10, Wounded in Action: 202, Other Injured: 1098.

Rank Name Unit Cause of Death Date
GuardsmanStephen FergusonScots GuardsRTA13 December 2007
TrooperLee FitzsimmonsSpecial Air ServiceHelicopter crash20 November 2007
SergeantJohn BattersbySpecial Air ServiceHelicopter crash20 November 2007
Lance CorporalSarah HolmesRoyal Logistic CorpsRTA14 October 2007
SergeantMark StansfieldRoyal Logistic CorpsAccident21 September 2007
SergeantEddie CollinsSpecial Air Service 'Hostile action'5 September 2007
Lance SergeantChris CaseyIrish GuardsIED9 August 2007
Lance CorporalKirk RedpathIrish GuardsIED9 August 2007
Leading AircraftmanMartin BeardRAF RegimentSmall arms fire7 August 2007
PrivateCraig BarberRoyal WelshSmall arms fire6 August 2007
CorporalSteve EdwardsRoyal Tank RegimentIED1 August 2007
Lance CorporalTimothy Darren FlowersRoyal Electrical and Mechanical EngineersMortar fire21 July 2007
Senior AircraftmanChristopher DunsmoreRAF RegimentMortar fire19 July 2007
Senior AircraftmanPeter McFerranRAF RegimentMortar fire19 July 2007
Senior AircraftmanMatthew CaulwellRAF RegimentMortar fire19 July 2007
CorporalChristopher ReadRoyal Military PoliceSmall arms fire7 July 2007
Lance CorporalRyan FrancisRoyal WelshIED7 July 2007
RiflemanEdward VakabuaThe RiflesUnder investigation6 July 2007
CorporalPaul JoszkoRoyal WelshIED28 June 2007
PrivateJamie KerrRoyal Regiment of ScotlandIED28 June 2007
PrivateScott KennedyRoyal Regiment of ScotlandIED28 June 2007
CorporalJohn RigbyThe RiflesIED22 June 2007
MajorPaul HardingThe RiflesMortar fire20 June 2007
Lance CorporalJames Cartwright2nd Royal Tank RegimentRTA16 June 2007
CorporalRodney WilsonThe RiflesSmall arms fire7 June 2007
CorporalJeremy BrookesThe RiflesSmall arms fire21 May 2007
PrivateKevin ThompsonRoyal Logistic CorpsIED6 May 2007
MajorNick BatesonRoyal SignalsRTA1 May 2007
RiflemanPaul DonnachieThe RiflesSmall arms fire29 April 2007
KingsmanAlan Joseph JonesDuke of Lancaster's RegimentSmall arms fire23 April 2007
CorporalBen LeaningQueen's Royal LancersIED19 April 2007
TrooperKristen TurtonQueen's Royal LancersIED19 April 2007
SergeantMark J McLarenRoyal Air ForceHelicopter crash15 April 2007
Colour SergeantMark Lawrence PowellSpecial Air ServiceHelicopter crash15 April 2007
Second LieutenantJoanna Yorke DyerIntelligence CorpsIED5 April 2007
CorporalKris O'NeillRoyal Army Medical CorpsIED5 April 2007
PrivateEleanor DlugoszRoyal Army Medical CorpsIED5 April 2007
KingsmanAdam James SmithDuke of Lancaster's RegimentIED5 April 2007
RiflemanAaron LincolnThe RiflesSmall arms fire2 April 2007
KingsmanDanny John WilsonDuke of Lancaster's RegimentSmall arms fire1 April 2007
PrivateJonathon Dany WysoczanStaffordshire RegimentSmall arms fire3 March 2007
RiflemanDaniel Lee CoffeyThe RiflesSmall arms fire27 February 2007
PrivateLuke Daniel SimpsonYorkshire RegimentIED9 February 2007
Second LieutenantJonathan Bracho-CookeDuke of Lancaster's RegimentIED5 February 2007
PrivateMichael TenchThe Light InfantryIED21 January 2007
KingsmanAlexander William GreenDuke of Lancaster's RegimentSmall arms fire13 January 2007
SergeantWayne ReesQueen's Royal LancersRTA7 January 2007


Combat Fatalities: 27, Other Fatalities: 2, Wounded in Action: 93, Other Injured: 1209.

Rank Name Unit Cause of Death Date
SergeantGraham HeskethDuke of Lancaster's RegimentIED28 December 2006
SergeantJonathan HollingsworthSpecial Air ServiceSmall arms fire24 November 2006
Warrant Officer Class 2Lee HopkinsRoyal SignalsIED12 November 2006
Staff SergeantSharron ElliottIntelligence CorpsIED12 November 2006
CorporalBen NowakRoyal MarinesIED12 November 2006
MarineJason HyltonRoyal MarinesIED12 November 2006
KingsmanJamie Lee HancockDuke of Lancaster's RegimentSmall arms fire6 November 2006
LieutenantTom TanswellRoyal ArtilleryRTA27 October 2006
Lance CorporalDennis BradyRoyal Army Medical CorpsMortar fire1 October 2006
GunnerLee ThorntonRoyal ArtillerySmall arms fire5 September 2006
GunnerSamuela VanuaRoyal ArtilleryIED4 September 2006
GunnerStephen Robert WrightRoyal ArtilleryIED4 September 2006
CorporalMatthew CornishThe Light InfantryMortar fire1 August 2006
CorporalJohn CosbyDevonshire and Dorset Light InfantrySmall arms fire16 July 2006
LieutenantTom Mildinhall1st The Queen's Dragoon GuardsIED28 May 2006
Lance CorporalPaul Farrelly1st The Queen's Dragoon GuardsIED28 May 2006
PrivateJoseva LewaiceiRoyal Anglian RegimentIED13 May 2006
PrivateAdam MorrisRoyal Anglian RegimentIED13 May 2006
Wing CommanderJohn CoxenRoyal Air ForceHelicopter shot down6 May 2006
Lieutenant CommanderDarren ChapmanRoyal NavyHelicopter shot down6 May 2006
CaptainDavid DobsonArmy Air CorpsHelicopter shot down6 May 2006
Flight LieutenantSarah-Jayne MulvihillRoyal Air ForceHelicopter shot down6 May 2006
MarinePaul CollinsRoyal MarinesHelicopter shot down6 May 2006
LieutenantRichard PalmerRoyal Scots Dragoon GuardsIED16 April 2006
CaptainRichard HolmesParachute RegimentIED28 February 2006
PrivateLee EllisParachute RegimentIED28 February 2006
TrooperCarl Smith9th/12th Royal LancersRTA2 February 2006
CorporalGordon Alexander PritchardRoyal Scots Dragoon GuardsIED31 January 2006
Lance CorporalAllan DouglasThe HighlandersSmall arms fire30 January 2006


Combat Fatalities: 20, Other Fatalities: 3, Wounded in Action: UNAVAILABLE, Other Injured: UNAVAILABLE.

Rank Name Unit Cause of Death Date
SergeantJohn JonesRoyal Regiment of FusiliersIED20 November 2005
SergeantChris HickeyColdstream GuardsIED18 November 2005
CaptainKen MastersRoyal Military PoliceSuicide15 October 2005
MajorMatthew BaconIntelligence CorpsIED11 September 2005
FusilierDonal Anthony MeadeRoyal Regiment of FusiliersIED5 September 2005
FusilierStephen Robert ManningRoyal Regiment of FusiliersIED5 September 2005
Second LieutenantRichard ShearerStaffordshire RegimentIED16 July 2005
PrivateLeon SpicerStaffordshire RegimentIED16 July 2005
PrivatePhillip HewettStaffordshire RegimentIED16 July 2005
SignallerPaul William DidsburyRoyal SignalsAccident29 June 2005
Lance CorporalAlan BrackenburyThe King's Royal HussarsIED29 May 2005
GuardsmanAnthony John WakefieldColdstream GuardsIED2 May 2005
PrivateMark DobsonTyne-Tees Regiment'Found dead'28 March 2005
Squadron LeaderPatrick MarshallRoyal Air ForceAircraft shot down30 January 2005
Flight LieutenantDavid SteadRoyal Air ForceAircraft shot down30 January 2005
Flight LieutenantAndrew SmithRoyal Air ForceAircraft shot down30 January 2005
Flight LieutenantPaul PardoelRoyal Air ForceAircraft shot down30 January 2005
Master EngineerGary NicolsonRoyal Air ForceAircraft shot down30 January 2005
Chief TechnicianRichard BrownRoyal Air ForceAircraft shot down30 January 2005
Flight SergeantMak GibsonRoyal Air ForceAircraft shot down30 January 2005
SergeantRobert O'ConnorRoyal Air ForceAircraft shot down30 January 2005
CorporalDavid WilliamsRoyal Air ForceAircraft shot down30 January 2005
Lance CorporalSteven JonesRoyal SignalsAircraft shot down30 January 2005


Combat Fatalities: 10, Other Fatalities: 12, Wounded in Action: UNAVAILABLE, Other Injured: UNAVAILABLE.

Rank Name Unit Cause of Death Date
SergeantPaul ConnollyRoyal Electrical and Mechanical Engineers'Found dead'26 December 2004
PrivatePita TukutukuwaqaBlack WatchIED8 November 2004
SergeantStuart GrayBlack WatchSuicide car-bomb4 November 2004
PrivatePaul LoweBlack WatchSuicide car-bomb4 November 2004
PrivateScott McArdleBlack WatchSuicide car-bomb4 November 2004
Staff SergeantDenise Michelle RoseRoyal Military Police'Found dead'31 October 2004
PrivateKevin McHaleBlack WatchRTA29 October 2004
CorporalMarc TaylorRoyal Electrical and Mechanical EngineersIED28 September 2004
GunnerDavid LawrenceRoyal ArtilleryIED28 September 2004
FusilierStephen JonesRoyal Welch FusiliersRTA10 September 2004
Lance CorporalPaul ThomasThe Light InfantrySmall arms fire17 August 2004
PrivateMarc FernsBlack WatchIED12 August 2004
PrivateLee O'CallaghanThe Princess of Wales's Royal RegimentAttack on vehicles9 August 2004
PrivateChristopher RaymentThe Princess of Wales's Royal Regimentaccident4 August 2004
Flight LieutenantKristian GoverRoyal Air ForceHelicopter accident19 July 2004
FusilierGordon GentleRoyal Highland FusiliersIED28 June 2004
CorporalRichard IvellRoyal Electrical and Mechanical EngineersAccident12 February 2004
SapperRobert ThompsonRoyal EngineersAccident31 January 2004
RiflemanVincent WindsorRoyal Green JacketsRTA21 January 2004
Lance CorporalAndrew CrawArgyll and Sutherland HighlandersRange accident7 January 2004
MajorJames StennerSpecial Air ServiceRTA1 January 2004
SergeantNorman PattersonSpecial Air ServiceRTA1 January 2004


Combat Fatalities: 40, Other Fatalities: 13, Wounded in Action: UNAVAILABLE, Other Injured: UNAVAILABLE.

Rank Name Unit Cause of Death Date
PrivateRyan ThomasRoyal Regiment of WalesRTA6 November 2003
CorporalIan PlankRoyal Marinessmall arms fire31 October 2003
SergeantJohn NightingaleRoyal Logistic Corpsaccident23 September 2003
FusilierRussell Beeston52nd Lowland Regimentkilled in action27 August 2003
MajorMatthew TitchenerRoyal Military Policesmall arms fire 23 August 2003
Warrant Officer Class 2Colin WallRoyal Military Policesmall arms fire23 August 2003
CorporalDewi PritchardRoyal Military Policesmall arms fire 23 August 2003
CaptainDavid JonesQueen's Lancashire RegimentIED 14 August 2003
PrivateJason Smith52nd Lowland Regimentnon-hostile incident13 August 2003
CaptainJames LintonRoyal Artilleryillness 18 July 2003
SergeantSimon Hamilton-JewellRoyal Military Policekilled by crowd24 June 2003
CorporalRussell AstonRoyal Military Policekilled by crowd24 June 2003
CorporalPaul LongRoyal Military Policekilled by crowd24 June 2003
CorporalSimon MillerRoyal Military Policekilled by crowd24 June 2003
Lance CorporalBenjamin HydeRoyal Military Policekilled by crowd24 June 2003
Lance CorporalThomas KeysRoyal Military Policekilled by crowd24 June 2003
Leonard HarveyMinistry of Defence Fire Serviceillness 22 May 2003
CorporalDavid ShepherdRoyal Air Force Policeillness 19 May 2003
GunnerDuncan PritchardRoyal Air Force RegimentRTA8 May 2003
PrivateAndrew KellyParachute Regimentaccident6 May 2003
Lance CorporalJames McCueRoyal Electrical and Mechanical Engineersexplosion30 April 2003
FusilierKelan TurringtonRoyal Regiment of Fusilierskilled in action6 April 2003
Lance CorporalIan Malone Irish Guardskilled in action6 April 2003
PiperChristopher MuzvuruIrish Guardskilled in action6 April 2003
LieutenantAlexander TweedieHousehold Cavalry Regimentvehicle accident1 April 2003
Lance CorporalKarl ShearerHousehold Cavalry Regimentvehicle accident1 April 2003
Staff SergeantChris MuirRoyal Logistic CorpsEOD operation31 March 2003
Lance CorporalShaun BrierlyRoyal SignalsRTA 30 March 2003
MarineChristopher MaddisonRoyal Marineskilled in action30 March 2003
MajorSteve BallardRoyal Marinesillness 30 March 2003
Lance Corporal of HorseMatty HullHousehold Cavalry Regiment'friendly fire'28 March 2003
CorporalStephen AllbuttQueen's Royal Lancers'friendly fire'25 March 2003
TrooperDavid ClarkeQueen's Royal Lancers'friendly fire'25 March 2003
Lance CorporalBarry StephenBlack Watchkilled in action24 March 2003
SergeantSteven Roberts2nd Royal Tank Regimentkilled in action24 March 2003
SapperLuke AllsoppRoyal Engineerskilled by crowd23 March 2003
Staff SergeantSimon CullingworthRoyal Engineerskilled by crowd23 March 2003
Flight LieutenantKevin Barry MainRoyal Air Forceaircraft shot down 'friendly fire' 23 March 2003
Flight LieutenantDavid Rhys WilliamsRoyal Air Forceaircraft shot down 'friendly fire'23 March 2003
LieutenantPhilip GreenRoyal Navyhelicopter crash22 March 2003
LieutenantAntony KingRoyal Navyhelicopter crash22 March 2003
LieutenantMarc LawrenceRoyal Navyhelicopter crash22 March 2003
LieutenantPhilip WestRoyal Navyhelicopter crash22 March 2003
LieutenantJames WilliamsRoyal Navyhelicopter crash22 March 2003
LieutenantAndrew WilsonRoyal Navyhelicopter crash22 March 2003
Colour SergeantJohn CecilRoyal Marineshelicopter crash21 March 2003
Lance BombardierLlywelyn EvansRoyal Artilleryhelicopter crash21 March 2003
CaptainPhilip Stuart GuyRoyal Marineshelicopter crash21 March 2003
MarineSholto HedenskogRoyal Marineshelicopter crash21 March 2003
SergeantLes Hehir Royal Artilleryhelicopter crash21 March 2003
Operator MaintainerIan SeymourRoyal Navyhelicopter crash21 March 2003
Warrant Officer Class 2Mark StratfordRoyal Marineshelicopter crash21 March 2003
MajorJason WardRoyal Marineshelicopter crash21 March 2003


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