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As Cage armor (Also known as Slat Armor, Bar Armor or Standoff Armor) Is an additional protection for the armoring of military vehicles


With a solid construction, metal cage around the vehicle to shaped charge ammunition (e.g. from Anti-tank hand weapons) Be brought before striking the proper armor to detonate, so that the Warhead unfold its full power punch no more. The advantage of this concept lies in the weight savings and guaranteed the continued mobility of the vehicle compared to other additional armor.
Abrams with CA

M1 Abrams using Cage Armor

The disadvantages are the relatively low level of security spectrum: So the cage armor is only effective against Shaped charge ammunition (As of the RPG-7 fired), other types of ammunition, however, are not affected.


The cage was in the armor World War II introduced to the threat of anti-tank weapons of the type of hand Bazooka and Bazooka to meet.

It was at the end of the war in Berlin, some Russian T-34 with mesh fabric on the hull and turret fitted, which should help against German anti-tank weapons. The same is known of allies, at the Paris affix the mesh of small animal cages on their tanks to protect against shaped charges and bazookas have. Visually, the tanks were therefore very conspicuous.

The allied forces attack in Iraq war the cage armor back to the continuing threat posed by insurgents used RPG-7 to neutralize. So this protection concept is especially for Types Force Protection MRAP Category III Buffalo MPV, General Dynamics Stryker
Striker With CA

Striker with cage armor

Armored Vehicle and the armored Warrior Application.

The use of Afghanistan for the Canadian armed forces lent battle tank Leopard 2A6M and Recovery Tank buffalo (BPZ 3) Bundeswehr were also fitted with cage armor.

Future developmentEdit

The British BAE Systems currently developing an ultra lightweight aluminum construction (LROD), which will be only half the weight of conventional steel cages, but to ensure the same protection.

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