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Class C Corvette

A Class C Covette

The Class C Corvettes was a class of six mining ships built in Brazil just before the Second World War. During the conflict had been transformed into patrol corvettes, with the replacement of mines and installation of sonar. Escorted hundreds of vessels in convoys along the coast. The Corvette Camaquã got lost in the storm, when returning from escorting a convoy with the loss of 33 of its 117 crew.


  • Type: Corvette
  • Manufacturer: Arsenal de Marinha do Rio de Janeiro
  • Displacement: 550 tons
  • Length: 57 m
  • Width (beam): 7.80 m
  • Silent: 2.50 m
  • Machinery: 2, with power of 1,300 HP.
  • Speed: 15 knots
  • Weapons as a mining ship: 1x 102 mm cannon, two A.Ae. 20 mm. 2 rails for 44 mines
  • Armament as corvette: Mines replaced by pumps depth of 300 lb and added two mortars K

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