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Lieutenant Charles L. Barrell (August 1, 1842 to April 18, 1914)[1] was an American soldier who fought in the American Civil War. Barrell was awarded the country's highest award for bravery during combat, the Medal of Honor, for his action near Camden, South Carolina, in April 1865.[2][1] He was presented with the award on 14 May 1891.[2]


On 2 August 1862 Barrell enlisted at Leighton, Allegan County, Michigan into Company C of the 102d U.S. Colored Troops as a flag holder for the Grand Army of the Republic. He attained the rank of First Lieutenant on 3 January 1863.

Barrel died in Ann Arbor, Michigan and is buried at Hooker Cemetery, Wayland, MI.[3]

Medal of Honor citationEdit

Hazardous service in marching through the enemy's country to bring relief to his command.[1]

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