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Common remotely operated weapons systems

The Common Remotely Operated Weapon Station (CROWS), a remotely operated weapon mounted on top of a vehicle and controlled from a command center inside the vehicle, offers a solution to some of the hazards the gunners face as they patrol the main supply routes and alternate supply routes providing security and looking for improvised explosive devices in their area of operations.

“The Primary purpose of the CROWS is to get the gunner out of the turret where he is exposed to enemy fire and fragmentation and get him down inside the vehicle for protection,”

“The advantages are obviously its optics, zoom and thermal capabilities. It’s able to see things a lot farther in advance. It’s excellent to have a thermal system mounted right on the vehicle to use at night or in daytime,”The guns cost $260,000 each and can mount a variety of lethal weapons. Over 50 sets are already operating in Iraq, out of 300 ordered for use with special forces, military police, infantry and transportation units.

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