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NATO Rank code US Army US Air Force US Marine Corps US Navy and US Coast Guard British Army Royal Marines Royal Navy Royal Air Force
OR-9 Sergeant Major of the Army Chief Master Sergeant of the Air Force Sergeant Major of the Marine Corps Master Chief Petty Officer of the Navy or of the Coast Guard Warrant Officer Class 1 Warrant Officer 1 (RSM) Warrant Officer 1 Warrant Officer / Master Aircrew
Command Sergeant Major Command Chief Master Sergeant Sergeant Major Master Gunnery Sergeant Command Master Chief Petty Officer Warrant Officer Class 1 (RSM etc.)
Sergeant Major Chief Master Sergeant Master Chief Petty Officer Warrant Officer 1 Warrant Officer 1
OR-8 First Sergeant Senior Master Sergeant First Sergeant Master Sergeant Senior Chief Petty Officer Warrant Officer 2 (CSM etc.) Warrant Officer 2 (CSM) Warrant Officer Class 2 N/A
Master Sergeant Warrant Officer 2 Warrant Officer 2
OR-7 Sergeant First Class / Platoon Sergeant Master Sergeant Gunnery Sergeant Chief Petty Officer Staff Sergeant / Colour Sergeant / Staff Corporal Colour Sergeant Chief Petty Officer Flight Sergeant
Chief Technician
OR-6 Staff Sergeant Technical Sergeant Staff Sergeant Petty Officer 1 Sergeant / Corporal of Horse Sergeant Petty Officer Sergeant
OR-5 Sergeant Staff Sergeant Sergeant Petty Officer 2
OR-4 Corporal (CPL)/Specialist Senior Airman Corporal Petty Officer 3 Corporal (Cpl) / Bombardier / Lance Sergeant / Lance Corporal of Horse Corporal Leading Hand Corporal
OR-3 Private 1 Airman 1 Lance Corporal Seaman Lance Corporal / Lance Bombardier Lance Corporal N/A N/A
OR-2 Private Airman Private 1 Seaman Apprentice Private (1 to 3) etc. Marine / Musician / Bugler Able Seaman Junior Technician
Senior Aircraftman
Leading Aircraftman
OR-1 Private Airman Basic Private Seaman Recruit Private (4) / Junior Marine / Musician / Bugler New Entry Aircraftman

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