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B-36 PeaceMaker

The Convair B-36 Peacemaker was a long-range strategic bomber built by Convair and exclusively operated by the United States Air Force. The Peacemaker had the largest wingspan of any combat plane ever built, though some cargo craft were larger. The B-36 was the first aircraft designed around the premise of delivering nuclear weapons. The B-36 was designed to travel a maximum range of 6,000 mi. and to deliver up to 72,000 lbs. of ordinance. A later version of it was engineered to carry twin jet pods under either wing tip.

Fighter CarrierEdit

The United States Military Had the idea of having the B-36 carry a single Thunderflash fighter; however the plan was not carried out as it was too risky. Another project, Project Tom-Tom, attempted to connect two Thunderflashes to the wingtips of the Peacemaker. However, due to a sudden gust of wind, a Thunderflash was actually torn away from the Peacemaker. All pilots landed safely, but the project was scrapped.

A similar project was put forth by the Air Force during World War II using the diminutive XF-85. It was to be attached to the bomb bay of the Peacemaker, and deployed at the first sign of danger. The XF-85 was really an engine with cannons on wings, but its performance was inferior to the fighters it would have faced, and the project was also scrapped.

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