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Eljigidei was a Mongol commander in Persia, fl. (1206–1251/2)

He supposedly commanded a strong contingent when Chingis Khan invaded Khwarizm in 1219–1223. Ogedei was close to Eljihidey. That's why Eljigidei was given command over the Mongol forces in Persia, by the new khan Güyük in 1246, replacing Baiju. Supposedly possessed of Christian sympathies like the khan, Eljigidei was ordered to advance into Syria, and planned an advance on Baghdad. This advance was, ideally, to be conducted in alliance with Louis IX of France, in concert with the Seventh Crusade. However, Güyük's sudden death made Eljigidei postpone operations until after the interregnum.

After the election of Möngke, however, Eljigidei's children were implicated in an aborted conspiracy to declare the election invalid. Though supposedly innocent, Eljigidei was arrested and put to death as well in 1251 or 1252. Baiju was subsequently returned to command in Persia.


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