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The Engesa EE-12 is a light utility vehicle developed by the ENGESA as a jeep that could be sold by both civilian and military markets.


The EE-12 was developed by Engesa Engenheiros Especializados SA of São Paulo during the mid-1980s and is cl

Engesa EE-12

aimed to have an excellent cross country performance. The vehicle is normally driven with an open top with only the forward-folding windscreen for cover. A canvas hood can be erected over a folding frame to provide weather protection for the driver and three passengers, the two removable side doors are canvas.

Originally developed for an overseas customer, the EE-12 has a strong steel chassis frame with integral front and rear bumpers fitted with towing and lashing shackles, a towing pintle for light trailers or light weapons such as mortars is provided at the rear. If required the rear bench seat can be removed to provide extra cargo stowage space. Standard equipment carried includes a spare wheel at the rear and one jerrican rack. Weapons such as machine guns can be mounted and a there is a special anti-tank version with a rearranged layout plus a split windscreen to accommodate a 106-mm recoilless rifle. Other variants include an anti-tank missile carrier, a communications vehicle, and a frontline ambulance carrying a single stretcher. It is available powered by either a General Motors 151 2.5-liter petrol engine or a Perkins 3.9-liter diesel. The EE-12 has been exported in quantity to Angola (their versions feature a hard-topped body) and to Middle East countries; however this vehicle was not used by the Brazilian armed forces.


General CharacteristicsEdit

  • Weight: 1.73t
  • Maximum Load: 500 kg
  • Towed Load: 250 kg
  • Length: 3.83m
  • Width: 1.9m
  • Height: 1.85m


  • Engine: General Motors 2.5-liter petrol, or Perkins 3.9-liter diesel
  • Engine Power: 85/90 hp
  • Maximum Speed: 120 km

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