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Fremington Army Camp is an military camp in the village of Fremington, Devon, England, which was used as a base to train the United States Army Air Corps. It was originally located there to be within easy marching distance from the railway station at the Quay. The site was used by the US Army's 313th Station Hospital for post-D-Day rehabilitation, with room for 2,000 patients. It started receiving casualties on 20 July 1944.

It now complements the Royal Marines and Royal Air Force presence at Royal Marines Base Chivenor, situated a mile (2 km) northwards on the opposite bank of the River Taw, and the Amphibious Trials and Training Unit of the Royal Marines at Arromanches Camp, Instow, 2 miles (4 km) to the west. In 2008 the Royal Chindits moved into the old camp site and rebuilt it, and it became the home of Chindits training and 2nd Reconnaissance Regiment.

In 2009 the camp was closed due to its severely outdated nature, and the opportunity to re-develop the land.[1]


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