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The Georgian Land Forces are the land force component of the Georgian Armed Forces. They are the largest branch of the military and constitute the bulk of the GAF.

History and EquipmentEdit

After the collapse of the Soviet Union Georgia was left with virtually no military. Alongside the National Guard, Land Forces formed the core of the Georgian army. Most of the infantry brigades were created on the basis of old Soviet formations. Previously, the Soviet Army's 31st Army Corps (the former 9th Army) was stationed in the former Georgian SSR. In the July 1993 issue of Jane's Intelligence Review it was reported that the 31st Army Corps was to leave Kutaisi (presumably for Russia) by the end of July 1993.

The 31st Army Corps had at the dissolution of the Soviet Union four divisions, two of which became Russian military bases, part of the Group of Russian Forces of the Transcaucasus. The other two appear to have transitioned into Georgian formations, as Georgian brigades appear in the same locations after the divisions disbanded. The 10th Guards Motor Rifle Division at Akhaltsikhe was replaced eventually by the 22nd Motorised Brigade, and the 152nd Motor Rifle Division at Kutaisi was eventually replaced by the 21st Motorised Brigade.

The Georgian army is equipped with a large amount of artillery and air defense systems, including pieces of light, medium, heavy artillery, and numerous rocket launchers. The Georgian military also has up to 220 T-72B/Sim1Main Battle Tanks tanks and 50 T-55AM support tanks, as well as numerous other armoured fighting vehicles. Gaps in the separate tank battalion are almost completely filled due to weapons trade agreements with Ukraine.


Georgian Land Force is based on brigade size military units. The branch has 5 infantry and 2 artillery brigades and separate from the brigades an Infantry battalion, Engineer battalion, Air-Defense battalion, Signal battalion, Technical Reconnaissance battalion and Medical battalion. Land Forces currently consist of 37, 000 men, excluding the Reserve Army.

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