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The Greenhalgh Class frigates are the four frigates of the Type 22 class of the Royal Navy brought by Brazil in 1995. The frigate keeps it's name in honor of the sailor João Guilherme Greenhalgh, a hero of the Paraguayan War.



The F-46 Greenhalgh leader of the Greenhalgh class

The class frigates Greenhalgh, are the first four Type 22 frigates of the Royal Navy, transferred to Brazil in the mid 90s. These are the frigate HMS Broadsword, HMS Brilliant, HMS Battleaxe and HMS Brazen. These frigates in the Navy replaced the British Leander Class Frigates. In its construction, there was a considerable influence of project type-21, which originated the Niteroi frigates. During his project, and to reduce the weight and displacement of the ship, was opted to not put no gun, so its artillery cannons are the most portentous of 40mm. This error was later corrected in subsequent sub-classes of the same type of vessel, built after the Falkland War.

In Brazil these Navy ships have replaced the old destroyers with ASW roles, who were still serving in the Navy of Brazil.

The Greenhalgh, after the ModFrag of the Niterói class, are not the most modern ships of the Brazilian fleet and its main weakness, besides the aforementioned lack of an artillery piece, is its system of air defense that Sea-Wolf respond to current threats, is outdated. The Navy of Brazil, also requires the replacement of Exocet MM-38, the latest version of MM-40). However, with the class frigates and corvettes Inhaúma and Niterói, part of the most powerful force escorts of Latin America.

Although there are no plans to replace these vessels, considering his life, should be serving the Brazilian Navy until 2020, the year that every class should have already been deactivated. Among the replacement possibilities is a competition in Brazil to buy a new Frigate, between these possibilities, the Brazilian Navy had inspected the FREMM and the Type 26 these are the favorites to be acquired by the Brazilian Navy.

Only one of the frigates have installed the Bofors 40mm transferred from Niteroi frigates

The Greenhalgh, unlike the other three units, is equipped with Exocet MM-40.



  • Displacing: 3500 tons
  • Length: 131.2m
  • Beam: 14.8m
  • Draught: 6m
  • Top Speed: 30 knots (56 km/h)


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