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HMS Belfast painted in Razzle Dazzle

HMS Belfast is a Town class light cruiser currently moored in London on the River Thames. She serves as a museum ship under the Imperial War Museum.

Commissioned in 1939, Belfast saw active service during the Second World War and later the Korean War. She underwent modernization several times during her career until entering the reserve in 1963.

In 1978 Belfast was preserved as a museum ship and opened to the public. Since then restoration has continued and more areas of the ship are now open to the public. In 1999 Belfast was repainted in the Royal Navy’s classic Razzle Dazzle camouflage.


Belfast’s main armament consists of twelve 6inch naval guns, in four triple turrets. The original proposal included sixteen 6inch guns, in quadruple turrets, but an effective quadruple turret proved impossible to manufacture, and triple turrets were substituted.

Her secondary armament consisted of twelve 4inch naval guns, in six double mounts. She was also armed with sixteen QF 2-pounder Anti-Aircraft guns, eight Vickers .50 Machine Guns, and six 21inch torpedo tubes. In 1945 Belfast’s Anti-Aircraft armament was improved with the addition of five Bofors 40mm guns.

In 1956 the decision was made to modernize Belfast. Four 4inch naval guns were removed to make room for modern weapon systems. Her Anti-Aircraft armament was standardized in the form of six Bofors 40mm guns in four double mounts. Her torpedo armament was removed and key parts of the ship were protected against Nuclear, Biological and Chemical attack.

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