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Mock-up of the HK WSG-2000

The Heckler & Koch WSG2000, proposed in 1990, would have been a powerful rifle designed to fire the 9x90mm MEN round, designed to target vehicles and other material objects. The rifle doesn't have a muzzle brake or flash hider. Any loss of recoil is caused by hydraulics in the barrel. The WSG2000 has a bullpup, semi-automatic firing configuration, with the box magazine just behind the grip. The only cocking occurs when you have to reload...not between each shot. Little is known about the design because HK never came up with a working prototype.


Heckler & Koch never proceeded past the mock-up stage. The picture is of a non functional rifle.


  • Type: Anti-Material Rifle
  • Country: Germany
  • Cartridge: 9x90mm MEN
  • Feed System: 5-round detachable box magazine

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