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The HK MG-36 is a machine gun based on the HK G-36, it is outdated and is no longer in service with any military faction.



A soldier testing the MG36

Version light machine gun of the G-36. Among the main differences are the use of a reinforced pipe, which allows withstand higher operating temperatures and longer and a bipod.

The MG-36 has power through a deposit consisting of two drums simultaneously feeding the gun. Although this deposit is also seen in other models of G-36, it is more appropriate for the version "light machine gun".



  • Length: 999mm
  • Width: 64mm
  • Height: 320mm
  • Weight: 3.6 kg
  • Magazine's capacity: 30 round magazine,100 round Beta-C megazine

Combat FeaturesEdit

  • Rate of Fire: 750 shots per minute
  • Effective Range: 400m
  • Maximum Range: 1400m
  • Projectile Speed: 960 meters per second
  • Feeding System: 30 Rounds box magazine or a Beta-C 100 rounds magazine.

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