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Henry Gladwin (1729 or 1730 – 22 June 1791) was the British commander at Fort Detroit when it was besieged during Pontiac's Rebellion.

British army officer in colonial America. He served in the disastrous campaign of Edward Braddock and in other actions in the French and Indian War but is best remembered for his defense of Detroit in Pontiac's Rebellion.

Pontiac planned to take Fort Detroit, but Gladwin got wind of the plan. One romantic theory suggests that a Native American woman in love with Gladwin informed him of it.

When Pontiac arrived at Fort Detroit, the British were ready. This made Pontiac retreat and set up a siege instead of taking over the fort.

In Michigan, Gladwin County is named for Major Henry Gladwin. The county was named in 1831 and organized in 1875.

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