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The War Iguape occurred between the years 1534 and 1536, In the region of São Vicente, São Paulo. By virtue of a particular interpretation of Treaty of Tordesillas, some Spanish, led by Ruy Garcia de Moschera, settled in the vicinity of the Vincentian Province . Allied to the Indians carijós, founded a village (I-Caa-Para, the birthplace of the city of Iguape) and won some battles against French corsairs.

When the Luso-Brazilian defense forces faced the Spanish contingent, were promptly defeated. In contrast, Garcia de Moscher and his followers occupied and sacked São Vicente, including taking the Book of the Fall. However, because of systematic incursions forces Luso-Brazilian from the region of São Paulo, the Spaniards were forced to retreat, first to the Island of Santa Catarina and then to Buenos Aires.

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