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Information Systems and Services (or Information Systems & Services or ISS) is a Cluster within the Defence Equipment and Support Top Level Budget of the UK Ministry of Defence. Based around its headquarters at Corsham (together with satellite sites including Andover, Bicester, Henlow, Stanbridge, Bath, Yeovilton), it currently employs around 5,000 people.

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ISS was created on 1 April 2008 from the former Defence Communications and Services Agency (DCSA). In turn, the DCSA had been formed in 1995 from many single-Service signals organisations including RAFSEE (the Royal Air Force Signals Engineering Establishment)


ISS is currently centred at Corsham but had a number of key satellite units. These include:

  • Bicester - the old DLO site at Arncott
  • Henlow - the former site of RAFSEE, now part of the RAF Wyton Henlow Brampton site
  • Andover - the current home of the Joint Supply Chain and, under Project Hyperion, the home of the Army's Land Formation once its move from Wilton is complete


The task of the ISS is communications support for operations and business in MOD

Current ActivitiesEdit

There are 3 standing priorities on ISS:
Support to current operations
Other Activities

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