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Iron Duke battleship

Following the British policy of naval design, this class was a refinement of predecessor King George V. His arms, however, was overshadowed by the new Queen Elizabeth class, which entered service in the same season. The Iron Duke was the flagship of the Alm. Jellicoe at Jutland, showing excellent performance


  • Length: 189 m (total)
  • Beam (width): 27.4 m
  • Silent: 8.8 m
  • Displacement: 25 820 ton. (Standard) and 30 380 ton. (Full load)
  • Propulsion: Parsons geared turbines, 4 shafts (29,000 shp)
  • Maximum speed: 21 knots
  • Shield: 89–305 mm (lateral), 76 mm (deck), 127–279 mm (towers), 254 mm (barbette) and 254 mm (control tower)
  • Main Armament: Mk V guns 10 of 343 mm/45 cal. (5 twin turrets)
  • Secondary armament: Bl Mk VII guns 12 of 152 mm/45 cal. (12 bunkers side) and four torpedo tubes 533 mm (under the waterline)
  • Antiaircraft Weapons: 4 cannons HA QF 76 mm Mk I
  • Crew: 925-1022

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