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Constructed from a German project, the ships of this class followed the lines of the German cruisers of the time. Begun in 1916, its construction was delayed, and ships commissioned almost 10 years after onset, when their mounts with shields were already obsolete. Java, ironically, was sunk by a Japanese torpedo-Lance Long, at the Battle of the Java Sea. The Sumatra has been used in escort missions and transportation to the war, being sold as scrap in the 50s.


  • Length: 155.3 m (total) and 153 (d line
    353 1 1056677140

    The Java

  • Beam (width): 16 m
  • Silent: 6.22 (maximum)
  • Displacement: 6670 ton. (Default) and 8078 (full load)
  • Propulsion: 8 Schultz-Thornycroft boilers and three turbines Parsons, three axles - 73,000 shp (Java)
  • Maximum speed: 31 knots
  • Shield: 75 mm (lateral), 25 mm (deck), 100 mm (shells) and 125 mm (control tower)
  • Main Armament: 10 Krupp cannons No. 6 (10 single mounts)
  • Armament Sec / AA: 8 to 40 mm Bofors guns (4 double mounts) and eight Browning machine guns of 12.7 mm
  • Torpedoes and Mines: 10-12 launchers (36 mines)
  • Airplanes: Seaplane Fokker C-11W
  • Crew: 526 (437 officers and 89 sailors)

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