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First ships in the world to use diesel propulsion, these small gunboats were designed in 1908 for the fleet of the Caspian Sea, being carried there by railroad. Participated in naval operations against the British in 1919 and converted for anti-aircraft ships, had an important role in escorting convoys of fuel from the Caspian, acting against the Luftwaffe.


  • Quantity completed: 2 - Kars (after Lenin), Ardagan (after Trotsky after Krasny Azerbaidzhan)
    Kars Clars

    Kars Gunboat

  • Length: 61 m
  • Beam (width): 8.5 m
  • Silent: 2.4 m
  • Displacement: 623 tons
  • Propulsion: Diesel engines, two shafts (1000 bhp)
  • Maximum speed: 14 knots
  • Autonomy: N.a.
  • Primary armament: 2 120 mm cannon in the hull, four 75 mm deck all four removed in 1942.
  • Secondary armament / AA: 3 102 mm L/60 cannon SEA, SEA 2 x 45 mm, 2 x 37 mm SEA, SEA 4 12.7 mm guns, two 7.62 mm SEA.
  • Torpedoes and mines: There was
  • Crew: 128

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