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The following is a list of Coalition aircraft losses during the War in Afghanistan. It covers both helicopters and fixed-wing aircraft.


  • Roundel of Canada August 5: A Canadian CH-47D Chinook was shot down in Kandahar Province, Afghanistan. It made a hard landing and burned out on the ground, wounding eight soldiers.[1] <ref></ref>
  • Roundel of the USAF July 31: A US helicopter crashed in province of Kunar [2]
  • Roundel of the USAF July 26: A US CH-47 Chinook helicopter crashed in Pul-e-Charkhi area east of capital city Kabul.Two NATO troops were killed.[3][4]
  • Roundel of the USAF July 22: A US AH-1W SuperCobra crashed in Helmand province, killing two US servicemen.[5][6]
  • June 25: An ISAF helicopter was involved in a hard landing in Kunar province, with no fatalities in the incident. Reports indicated the helicopter developed mechanical problems and the pilot was forced to make an emergency landing. The cause of the incident is under investigation.[7]
  • Roundel of the USAF June 21: A US Army UH-60 Blackhawk crashed in northern Kandahar Province, killing three Australian Commandos and the US pilot, and injuring another seven Australians and a US crewman.[8][9][10]
  • Roundel of the USAF June 9: A Sikorsky HH-60 Pave Hawk CSAR helicopter was shot down in Helmand province, killing 5 American airmen.[11][12][13][14]
  • RAF Roundel May 21: A Westland Sea King carrying five troops was hit by an RPG and crash-landed in Nad-e Ali, Helmand Province. The five were injured but not seriously.[15]
  • Roundel of the USAF May 14 An UH-60 Black Hawk helicopter made a hard landing in Kandahar Province causing injuries to several coalition and Afghan military personnel. It was destroyed on the site by ISAF members, apparently to prevent it from falling into insurgents’ hands.[16]
  • Roundel of the USAF May 10 An MH-60 Black Hawk helicopter made a controlled landing after being hit by enemy fire in Helmand Province . All crewmembers have been safely returned to base. Helicopter was destroyed by international forces .[17]
  • Roundel of the USAF April 9 A US Air Force CV-22 Osprey crashed near Qalat, Zabul Province, killing three US service members and one government contractor.[18] This is the first combat loss of an Osprey.[19]
  • Roundel of the USAF March 31: US Navy E-2 Hawkeye surveillance plane stationed with the USS Dwight D. Eisenhower crashed in the Arabian sea at approximately 2 p.m. local time. It was returning to its ship after conducting operations in support of Operation Enduring Freedom when it experienced mechanical malfunctions and the crew performed a controlled bailout. The one U.S. crew member presumed missing was declared dead and three were rescued.[20]
  • Roundel of the USAF March 28: A US Army UH-60 Black Hawk crashed in Zabul province in southern Afghanistan. 14 ISAF and Afghan service members was injured.[21]
  • Roundel of Turkey March 23: A Turkish Army UH-60 Black Hawk helicopter experienced technical problems as it tried to land at a base in Midan Shar, the capital of Wardak province. It hit a hill as it was coming down and rolled over.[22]


  • Roundel of Poland December 3: A Polish Land Forces Mi-24V Hind attack helicopter was damaged after making an emergency autorotation landing immediately after taking off from Ghazni airfield in Afghanistan . The crew and passengers were not seriously injured.[23]
  • Roundel of the USAF October 26: A US MH-47G Chinook crashed in Badghis province, in western Afghanistan reportedly due to low visibility caused by "thick dust stirred up" during takeoff at night,[24][25] killing seven US servicemen and three US Drug Enforcement Administration agents. 14 Afghan and 11 American servicemen and one US DEA agent were injured in the crash.[26][27][28]
  • Roundel of the USAF October 26: Two US helicopters collided in midair in southern Afghanistan, killing four US Marines and injuring two ISAF servicemen.[27] The helicopters were a UH-1N Twin Huey and a AH-1W SuperCobra from the USMC.[29][30]
  • Roundel of the USAF October 17: A US UH-60 Black Hawk helicopter had crashed in search of the missing C-12 Huron.[31]
  • Roundel of the USAF October 13: A US Army C-12 Huron twin-engine turboprop had crashed in Nuristan province. Its remnants were discovered on October 25, with three bodies of American civilian personnel.[31][32]
  • Afghan National Army emblem October 8: An Afghan National Army Air Corps Antonov An-32 S/N 354 crashed on landing in Southwestern Afghanistan.[33]
  • RAF Roundel August 30: CH-47 Chinook( S/N ZA673) suffered a hard landing and was badly damaged in the Sangin area of Helmand province. The four crew and 15 soldiers from the 2 Rifles battlegroup were unharmed.[34]
  • Roundel of the USAF August 25: A US Navy F/A-18C Hornet aircraft caught fire during maintenance at Kandahar airbase and was burnt out.[35]
  • RAF Roundel August 20: A British CH-47 Chinook ( S/N ZA709) was shot down in the Sangin area of Helmand province. The crew survived.[36]
  • Roundel of Poland August 6: A Polish Land Forces Mi-24V Hind attack helicopter en route to Ghazni from Kabul was reported hit by heavy machine gun fire and forced to make a hard landing. Nobody aboard was injured.[37]
  • RAF Roundel July 20: A British Royal Air Force GR4 Tornado fighter jet crashed at Kandahar air base during takeoff at 7:20 a.m., the two pilots were injured after ejecting from the aircraft.[38]
  • Roundel of the USAF July 18: A U.S. Air Force F-15E Strike Eagle fighter jet crashed in central Afghanistan, killing the two crew members.[39]
  • Roundel of Canada July 7: A Canadian CH-146 Griffon crashed in Zabul, Afghanistan, killing 3 coalition soldiers.[40]
  • Roundel of the USAF May 22: A US AH-64 Apache helicopter crashed near Tarin Kowt in Uruzgan Province. One crew member killed in the incident.[41]
  • RAF Roundel May 14: A British Harrier GR9 jet crashed in Afghanistan the Ministry of Defence said. The pilot is believed to have suffered only minor injuries when he ejected from the aircraft after it crash landed at Kandahar airfield at about 10:30am local time. It is believed there were no other casualties.[42][43]
  • Roundel of the USAF January 17: A US CH-47 Chinook helicopter crashed in eastern Afghanistan. Small arms fire was involved. One US soldier was killed in the incident.[44]
  • Roundel of the USAF January 16: A US UH-60 Black Hawk helicopter crashed in Afghanistan on the outskirts of Kabul. No deaths were reported.[45]
  • Afghan National Army emblem January 15: An Afghan army Mi-17 crashed in the Adraskan District of Herat province, killing all 13 on board, including General Fazaludin Sayar, the regional commander in charge of the western part of Afghanistan. The government declared the crash was due to bad weather, while the Taliban claimed to have shot the helicopter down.[46]


  • Roundel of the USAF October 21: A United States Navy P-3 Orion reconnaissance and intelligence aircraft overshot the runway at Bagram Air Base while landing. The aircraft caught fire and was destroyed but the only injury to the crew was one broken ankle. The aircraft was from PATWING 5 from Naval Air Station Brunswick and was assigned to CTF-57 in Afghanistan.[48]
  • RAF Roundel September 4: A British Army Air Corps Apache AH1 crashed shortly after takeoff in Helmand province. Both crew members were unhurt.[49]
  • Roundel of the United Arab Emirates August 8: United Arab Emirates Air Force C-130 Hercules (S/N 1212) Overran runway at Bagram Air Base, Kabul, and caught fire. The plane was partially salvaged.
  • Roundel of the USAF July 2: A US UH-60 Black Hawk helicopter was shot down by RPG and small arms fire south of the Afghan capital in Logar province. The pilots were able to land the aircraft and evacuate everyone on board before it caught fire, another helicopter returned later and destroyed the wreckage with precision fire.[50]
  • Roundel of the USAF June 25: A US-led coalition forces helicopter crashed in northeastern province of Kunar in Afghanistan, causing "minor injuries" to two soldiers on board.[51]
  • Roundel of the USAF June 5: A US OH-58 Kiowa crashed at Kandahar Army Airfield, Afghanistan during a test flight killing the maintenance pilot and his crew chief. They were assigned to the 96th Aviation Support Battalion, 101st Combat Aviation Brigade.[52]


  • Afghan National Army emblem December 10: An Afghan army Mi-17 helicopter crashed in heavy fog about 70 kilometres southwest of Kabul, killing four soldiers.
  • Roundel of the German Air Force border September 25: A German CH-53G helicopter crash-landed in the border area between RC-North and West during a med-evac. No soldiers were killed during this incident. The helicopter was blown up by Norwegian and Latvian forces after they had spent two days under siege by Taliban forces.[citation needed]
  • Roundel of Spain September 25 Spanish Eurocopter AS332 SAR helicopter (S/N HD.21-6) overturned while trying to land during a mission to evacuate Afghan police wounded by a roadside bomb in the western province of Badghis. Helicopter written off.[53]
  • RAF Roundel August 23: A RAF C-130 Hercules made a hard landing at night on an airstrip in Afghanistan. The Hercules, from 47 RAF Lyneham, was badly damaged and could not be recovered. It was blown up by British engineers so that sensitive equipment would not fall into enemy hands. No casualties were reported.[54][55]
  • 15px August 21: An Italian AB-212 helicopter crashes while attempting an emergency landing due to technical problems, 3 Italian soldiers wounded.[56]
  • Roundel of the USAF May 30 : A US CH-47 Chinook was shot down, by a MANPADS in the upper Sangin valley, killing 5 American, one British and one Canadian soldiers. Until July 25, 2010, officially its downing was attributed to small arms and rocket-propelled grenade fire in a NATO attempt to cover up the usage of MANPADS by Afghan insurgents.[57][58][59]
  • Roundel of the USAF February 18 : A US MH-47 Chinook from 2-160th SOAR carrying 22 U.S. servicemen crashed in Zabul Province, killing 8 and injuring 14.[60]


  • RAF Roundel September 2: A British Nimrod MR.2 aircraft crashes near Kandahar, killing 14 crewmembers.
  • Netherlands roundel August 31: A Dutch F-16A Block 20 MLU fighter crashes near Ghazni, killing the pilot.[61]
  • Roundel of the USAF July 2: A US AH-64 Apache out of Kandahar air base crashes, killing one pilot CW3 William Timothy Flanigan and injuring the other.[62]
  • Roundel of the USAF June 11 A US CH-47 Chinook helicopter 91-0497 suffered emergency landing in Helmand Province.Aircraft subsequently deliberately destroyed by coalition airstrike.[63]
  • RAF Roundel May 24: A RAF C-130 Hercules (XV206) crashes while landing at a dirt landing strip outside the town of Lashkar Gar. All nine crew and 26 passengers aboard safely evacuated, but the airframe burned out.
  • Roundel of the USAF May 5: A US CH-47 Chinook helicopter crashed in the mountains of eastern Afghanistan, killing all 10 U.S. soldiers on board.
  • Roundel of the USAF April 28: A US AH-64 Apache helicopter crashed north of Qalat, Afghanistan. Pilot survived with minor injuries, while co-pilot/gunner 1LT Daniel McConnell suffered a traumatic amputation of right arm.[64]


  • Roundel of the USAF December 4: A CH-47 Chinook helicopter 91-00269 was struck by small arms fire.There were two injuries and the aircraft was consumed in thepost-landing fire.[65]
  • Netherlands roundel October 31: A Dutch CH-47D Chinook helicopter, D-104, made a hard landing after losing power in cruise flight. There were several injuries and the aircraft was destroyed by Dutch troops after salvaging usable parts.[66]
  • RAF Roundel October 14: An RAF Harrier GR7A was destroyed and another had been damaged in a rocket attack by Taliban forces while parked on the tarmac at Kandahar. No one was injured in the attack. The damaged Harrier was repaired at the airfield while the destroyed one was replaced by another fighter which flew out from Britain on the same evening.[68]
  • Roundel of the USAF October 7: A MH-47E Chinook helicopter, 89-00160, of the 160th Special Operations Aviation Regiment was destroyed in an accident but all crew members emerged virtually unscathed.[69]
  • Roundel of the USAF September 25: Five US soldiers were killed when a CH-47 Chinook helicopter crashed in Zabul province while returning from an operation.[70] Though initially reported as an accident, the crash was later confirmed to have been caused by hostile fire.[71]
  • Roundel of Spain August 16: Seventeen Spanish soldiers were killed when their Cougar AS532 helicopter crashes near Herat. A second Spanish helicopter made an emergency landing, injuring five soldiers. The crash was reported as an accident, although witnesses said they took AAA fire from a nearby village.
  • Roundel of the USAF July 29: A US AH-64 Apache helicopter crashed near Baghram airbase.The crew survived.
  • Netherlands roundel July 27: A Dutch CH-47D Chinook helicopter, D-105, crashed in a landing incident in a brownout while inserting troops. No injuries but the aircraft was written-off.[66]
  • Roundel of the USAF June 28: A US CH-47 Chinook helicopter was shot down in Kunar province by Taliban commander Qari Ismail, killing all 16 US Special Forces servicemen on board. The US military says it was shot down by a rocket-propelled grenade. It was a rescue mission for Operation Red Wing a team of 4 SEAL members, pinned down by Taliban gunmen.[72][73]
  • RAF Roundel June 25: A Special Forces RAF Hercules carrying the new British ambassador in Afghanistan caught fire after setting down at a landing strip outside the town of Lashkar Gah in Helmand Province. No casualties reported.[74]
  • Roundel of the USAF June 22: U-2 spyplane crashes at Al Dhafra Air Base in the UAE on return from a mission in Afghanistan, killing the pilot.[75]
  • Roundel of the USAF April 6: A US CH-47 Chinook helicopter crashed in a sandstorm near Ghazni, killing all 15 American soldiers and three civilian contractors.


  • Roundel of the USAF December 16: A US OH-58 Kiowa crashes north of Shindand, in Afghanistan's Herat province, injuring its two pilots.[76]
  • Roundel of the USAF October 20: HH-60 Pave Hawk N87-26014 crashes during a med-evac injuring four on board.
  • Netherlands roundel August 29: A Dutch AH-64D Apache, designation Q-20, crashes near Kabul, slightly injuring one crew member.[77]
  • Roundel of the USAF August 12: UH-60 Black Hawk crashes in Khost province, killing one soldier and injuring fourteen.
  • Roundel of the USAF June 28:The crew of an AH-64DApache helicopter escaped with minor injuries after being forced to make an emergency landing north of Qalat.The aircraft caught on fire and was completely destroyed.[78]


  • Roundel of the USAF November 23: MH-53 Pave Low helicopter crashed shortly after leaving Bagram Air Base, killing four U.S. airmen and one U.S. soldier.[79]
  • Roundel of the USAF November 6: UH-1N Huey crashes at Kandahar air base Camp Rhino.[80]
  • Roundel of the USAF June 3: A US AH-64 Apache helicopter (N 89-0258) crashed near Urgun Paktika Province.The crew survived.
  • Roundel of the USAF April 23: A US CH-47 Chinook helicopter (N 90-0217) suffered hard landing in Spinboldak area .The crew survived.
  • Roundel of the USAF March 23: HH-60 Pave Hawk crashes in Afghanistan, killing six on board.
  • Roundel of the USAF January 30: UH-60 Black Hawk crashes 7 miles east of Bagram Air Base, killing four.
  • Roundel of the USAF January 8: A US helicopter (type unknown) crashes in Kunar province, killing five Americans and two Afghans.[81]
    Bagram 263

    Construction Area hit by C-17 on April 20, 2003 - There were no injuries, but extensive damage to the aircraft gear system.


  • Roundel of the German Air Force border December 21: CH-53G crashed in Kabul, killing seven German soldiers.
  • Roundel of Denmark December 19: F-16A Block 20 MLU fighter overran a runway at Bagram airbase and landed about 500 meters away in a mine field.The Danish Air Force pilot was evacuated to a US Army hospital.[82]
  • Roundel of the USAF November 1: Two CH-47 Chinook helicopters collided in Afghanistan.One of them crashed, another was repaired later[80]
  • Roundel of the USAF August 13: A US AH-64 Apache helicopter crashed about 20 miles south of Kabul.The crew survived.[82]
  • Roundel of the USAF August 13: HH-60 Pave Hawk crashed in Urgun, injuring six on board. A civilian wounded in an ambush had been taken from the eastern town of Khost to a U.S. medical team in Urgun, and the Air Force helicopter was leaving when the accident occurred.[83]
  • Roundel of the USAF June 12: MC-130H Combat Talon crashed in eastern Afghanistan, killing three of the ten service members aboard.[84]
  • Roundel of the USAF April 11, AH-64 Apache crash-lands outside of Kandahar.[85]
  • Roundel of the USAF March 4: Two CH-47 Chinook helicopters were hit by RPGs and gunfire during Operation Anaconda. Two were killed in the first helicopter, which was dropping off a SEAL team. The second Chinook came in later that day to try and rescue the crew of the first CH-47, and subsequently was shot down, killing four.
  • Roundel of the USAF February 13: MC-130P Shadow crashed in eastern Afghanistan. There were no casualties.[86]
  • Roundel of the USAF January 28: CH-47 Chinook crashed in eastern Afghanistan due to a brownout, injuring 14 soldiers.
  • Roundel of the USAF January 20: CH-53E from HMM-361 crashed 40 miles south of Bagram air base killing two Marines on board.[87]
  • Roundel of the USAF January 9: A KC-130 Hercules tanker crashed into a Pakistani mountain, killing seven Americans on board.
    Bagram 128

    C-130 ran off the runway at Bagram AB, Afghanistan Dec 24,2002


  • Roundel of the USAF December 12: A US B-1 Lancer bomber returning from a mission over Afghanistan crashes 30 miles north of Diego Garcia. All 4 crew members eject safely.[88]
  • Roundel of the USAF December 6: UH-1N Huey crashes at Kandahar air base, two Marines suffered minor injuries.[89]
  • Roundel of the USAF November 20: MH-6J crashed at a base, wounding 4 on board.
  • Roundel of the USAF November 2: MH-53 Pave Low crashed on a special operations mission in northern Afghanistan due to bad weather, injuring four on board.
  • Roundel of the USAF October 19: UH-60 Black Hawk crashed at Dalbandin air base in Pakistan, killing two U.S. Army rangers. The cause was brownout from dust kicked up by the helicopter rotor.[90]

Contract aircraft, non-military aircraft lossesEdit

  • July 28, 2010: Antonov An-12 cargo plane crash-landed in Helmand Province.There were no injuries during the crash.Aircraft destroyed.[91]
  • Flag of South Africa June 4, 2010: A L-100-30 Lockheed Hercules (Leased from Transafrik Registration S9-BAT) sustained substantial damage in a landing accident at Sharana AB, Afghanistan. The airplane came to rest beside the runway. The number 4 propeller separated from the engine and the undercarriage was pushed up into the wheel wells.[92]
  • Kazakhstan May 30, 2010: A Mi-8 contract helicopter made a hard landing in the Jaji district of Paktiya Province . A civilian on the ground was killed when he was struck by debris, and three crew members received minor injuries.[93]
  • Flag of Kyrgyzstan May 2, 2010: A Mi-8 helicopter (EX-40008) under contract for NATO forces in Afghanistan crashed during emergency landing at FOB Kalagush,Nuristan . Crewmembers injured during the incident.[94]
  • April 25, 2010: A Bell 214 helicopter under contract for NATO forces made an emergency landing, due to mechanical problems suffered during the flight, in Farah Province . No one was injured during the incident.The helicopter caught fire after the crewmembers and passengers left the helicopter. Due to the fire damage the helicopter was deemed unrecoverable.[95]
  • Turkey March 1, 2010: A Airbus A300 cargo plane operating for DHL Airways leased from ACT Airlines reportedly registered TC-ACB, suffered a landing mishap at Bagram Air Base, Afghanistan. It came to rest on the left runway shoulder of runway 03, approximately 500 ft north of taxiway Charlie and just south of the 3000 feet remaining distance marker.It has been reported that the airplane suffered a collapse of, presumably the left hand, main undercarriage.Aircraft written off.[96]
  • United Arab Emirates November 23, 2009: A Mi-8 helicopter under contract for NATO forces crashed in eastern Logar province.Three Ukrainians were killed in the crash. Helicopter belonged to Air Freight Aviation(UAE).[97]
  • Russia July 19, 2009: A Mi-8 helicopter under contract for NATO forces in Afghanistan crashed at Kandahar air base, killing 16 people and wounding five others. Helicopter belonged to Vertikal-T (Russia).[98]
  • Moldova July 14, 2009: A Mi-26 helicopter was shot down in Afghanistan, killing the six Ukrainian crewmembers. The aircraft belonged to Pectox-Air, a Moldovan aviation firm.[99]
  • Kazakhstan February 14, 2008: A Kazakhstan registered (UN-76020) IL-76 operated by Asia Continental Airlines damaged beyond repair after an engine fire in Kandahar Airport.[100]
  • RussiaDecember 3, 2006: A Mi-26 helicopter under contract with Dyncorp, a US security company, crashes in Afghanistan, killing eight Russian crew.Helicopter belonged to Vertikal-T (Russia).[101]
  • Afghanistan July 27, 2006: A chartered Mi-8 helicopter with 16 passengers and crew crashes en route from Khost to Kabul, killing all on board including 2 Dutch ISAF soldiers.[102]
  • Ukraine April 24, 2006: An An-26 leased by the US State Department and carrying US DEA agents crashes on landing at Bost airport in Lashkar Gah, killing the two Ukrainian pilots and two young girls on the ground. The plane attempted to avoid a truck during landing[103]
  • Georgia (country) November 11, 2005: A Georgian registered IL-76 operated by Pakistan's Royal Airlines, on charter to carry food for coalition troops, crashes near Khak-e-Shahidan village, about 30 kilometres (19 miles) northwest of Kabul, killing all 8 crew members (5 Russians, 2 Ukrainians and 1 Pakistani)[104]
  • KazakhstanApril 25, 2005:: A Kazakhstan registered (UN-11003) Antonov An-12 cargo plane swerved off the runway at Kabul Airport. Five of the six crew members were slightly injured.Aircraft written off.[105]
  • Moldova December 30, 2004: A Moldovan registered (ER-IBM) IL-76 operated by Airline Transport crashed in Kabul Airport at 03:48.[106]
  • United States November 27, 2004: A US Registered CASA 212 contracted by the US Department of Defense to supply American forces deployed in remote areas of Afghanistan entered a box canyon and struck the 14,650 foot level of Baba Mountain, which has a peak elevation of 16,739 feet. The flight was about 25 nm north of the typical route between Bagram and Farah. All six occupants were killed[107]
  • Australia February 22, 2004: AB-212 helicopter crashed after coming under fire 65 kilometres south-west of the southern city of Kandahar.Pilot Mark Burdorf, 45 killed. Helicopter belonged to Pacific Helicopters(Australia)[108]

Summary per typeEdit

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Rotary-wing losses

75 (15 to hostile fire)

Type # Hostile fire
AB-212 1
AH-1W Supercobra 2
AH-64 Apache 10
UH-60 Black Hawk 14 3
CH-47 Chinook 23 8
CH-53E Super Stallion 1
CH-53G Sea Stallion 2
CH-146 Griffon 1
Cougar AS532 2
Super Puma AS332 1
HH-60 Pave Hawk 4 1
MH-53 Pave Low 2
MH-6J 1
Mil Mi-17 2
Mil Mi-24 2 1
OH-58 Kiowa 2 1
Westland Sea King 1 1
CV-22 Osprey 1
UH-1N Huey 3

Fixed-wing losses

21 (*1 to hostile fire while on the ground)

Type #
F-15 Eagle 1
F-16 Falcon 2
F-18 Hornet 1
C-130 Hercules 5
Antonov An-32 1
C-12 Huron 1
GR-4 Tornado 1
MC-130 Combat Talon/Shadow 2
Nimrod MR.2 1
P-3 Orion 1
U-2 1
E-2 Hawkeye 1
B-1 Lancer 1
Harrier 2/*1


  • Numerous crashes and shootdowns involving UAVs are not included in the lists above, because UAVs are much more easier to shootdown and crash more than mannned aircraft.
  • There are no fixed-wing aircraft shootdowns because there is no air-to-air combat during the war in Afghanistan, there are far more helicopter shootdowns because they are used for close air support.
  • Summaries are calculated based on the incidents included in this article.

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