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Since its formation, the Swiss Air Force has used a number of different aircraft.

Current aircraftEdit

In service [1][2][3][4][5][6]
Image Aircraft Origin Type Version(s) Number in service [7] Notes
Swiss Air Force SuperKing air Beechcraft Super King AirFlag of the United States.svg USPhotomapping350C1AB Dübendorf
Swiss Air Force Beech 1900D Bidini-1 Beechcraft 1900Flag of the United States.svg USVIP transport1900D1Bern-Belp Airport
Cessna.560xl.citation.excel.arp Cessna Citation ExcelFlag of the United States.svg USVIP transportCe-560XL1Bern-Belp Airport
PC-24 T-786 Pilatus PC-24Flag of Switzerland.svg  SUIVIP transportPC-241Bern-Belp Airport
SUI785 Dassault Falcon 900EXFlag of France.svg FranceVIP transport900EX1per November 2018
Swiss Air Force DHC-6 De Havilland Canada Twin OtterFlag of Canada.svg CanadaPhotomappingDHC-61AB Dübendorf
Swiss Air Ambulance Bombardier Challenger 604 (CL-600-2B16) HB-JRA (21880668998) CL604 Flag of Canada.svg Canada VIP /Ambulanz CL60 2 per 2019 from REGA
Swiss Air Force Armasuisse R-711 Diamond DA42 Aurora CentauerFlag of the United States.svg US
Flag of Austria.svg Austria
ExperimentalDA42MPP (Mod)1Armasuisse AB Emmen[8] (Can be flown unmanned)
Swiss Air Force Super Puma T-325 side view 2 Eurocopter AS332 Super PumaFlag of France.svg FranceMedium airliftAS332M115AB Payerne, AB Dübendorf
Cougar Swiss milouf 3 Eurocopter AS532 CougarFlag of France.svg FranceMedium airliftAS532UL11AB Alpnach [9]
Swiss Air Force EC635P2+ T-352 at BRN (2) Eurocopter EC635Flag of France.svg France
Flag of Germany.png Germany
UtilityEC635 P2+18AB Alpnach [10]
VIP transportEC635 P2+ VIP2
McDonnell Douglas F-A-18C Hornet, Switzerland - Air Force AN1987891 McDonnell Douglas F/A-18 HornetFlag of the United States.svg US
Flag of Switzerland.svg  Switzerland (licensed)
Multirole fighterF/A-18C25Fighter sqns 17, 18 (Airbase (AB) Payerne) and 11 (AB Meiringen)
Swiss AF Boeing FA-18D Hornet F/A-18D5
F-5 auf Platte Northrop F-5 Tiger IIFlag of the United States.svg US
Flag of Switzerland.svg  Switzerland (licensed)
Fighter-InterceptorF-5E41 Fighter sqdn 6, squadrons 8 (AB Emmen) & 19 (AB Sion). Use: interception, aerobatics, target-towing.[11]
F-5F F-5F12Use: air policing and electronic warfare.
Swiss Air Force Pilatus PC-6 V-618 parked at IBT'11 Pilatus PC-6 Turbo-PorterFlag of Switzerland.svg  SwitzerlandLight transportPC-6/B2-H2M-116Airlift sqn 7 and HB-FCF from Armasuisse (AB Emmen)
Pilatus PC7-IMG 5742 Pilatus PC-7 Turbo trainerFlag of Switzerland.svg  SwitzerlandTrainerNCPC-727[12]AB Locarno
PC9 Pilatus PC-9Flag of Switzerland.svg  SwitzerlandTrainerPC-9/F6Flight Training Unit 12 (AB Payerne)
Use: target-towing and electronic warfare.
HB-FOG Pilatus PC-12Flag of Switzerland.svg  SwitzerlandTest and transportPC-121Armasuisse AB Emmen
Swiss Air Force PC-21 A-102 parked Pilatus PC-21Flag of Switzerland.svg  SwitzerlandAdvanced trainerPC-218AB Emmen
Drohne ADS 95 D-118 RUAG ADS-95 RangerFlag of Switzerland.svg  SwitzerlandUAVADS-9524Drone Sqn 7, AB Emmen
Zieldrohne RUAG KZD-85Flag of Switzerland.svg  SwitzerlandUAVKZD-853060 line of sight remote control drones originally bought in 1985 for air defense training.

Previous aircraftEdit

Image Aircraft Origin Type Version(s) Number Entered
WFU Notes
Alouette v-54 arpAérospatiale Alouette II[13]Flag of France.svg Franceobservation, rescue & liaisonII301958199210 bought in 1958, and 20 in 1964.
Alouette ag1Aérospatiale Alouette III[14]Flag of France.svg Francetransport & trainerIII841964201014 lost in accidents. Replaced by EC635.
Swiss Air Force BAe Hawk trainer U-1263BAE HawkFlag of the United Kingdom.svg UKtrainerT.661919872002One lost in 1990. 18 sold to the Finland in 2008.
Swiss Air Force Beechcraft Model 18Beechcraft Expeditor[15]Flag of the United States.svg UStransportC18S,
Beech E50 Twin Bonanza, Switzerland - Air Force AN1124474Beechcraft Twin Bonanza[16]Flag of the United States.svg UStransportE50319571989
BFW M.18[17]Flag of Germany.png Germanytransport18C & 18D4192919541 18C, 3 18D.
Swiss Air Force Bücker Bü 131 seen from belowBücker JungmannFlag of German Reich (1935–1945).svg Nazi GermanytrainerBü 1319419361971Two seat biplane. 10 impressed from aero clubs.
Bücker JungmeisterFlag of German Reich (1935–1945).svg Nazi GermanytrainerBü 1335219371968Acrobatics/air combat training single seat biplane.
Alfred Comte AC-1Comte AC-1[18]Flag of Switzerland.svg  SwitzerlandfighterAC-1119281939
Comte AC-4[19]Flag of Switzerland.svg  SwitzerlandliaisonAC-4119311938
Comte AC-11-V[20]Flag of Switzerland.svg  SwitzerlandliaisonAC-11-V119431945
Swiss Air Force Dassault Falcon 50 T-783 in its hangar at BelpDassault FalconFlag of France.svg FranceVIP transport50119962013Replaced by Dassault Falcon 900EX.
Dassault (F+W Emmen) Mirage IIIS, Switzerland - Air Force AN0695824BremshausDassault Mirage IIIS Switzerland - Air Force J-2324, LSMP Payerne, Switzerland PP1242384735Mirage at LSMDDassault Mirage IIIFlag of France.svg FranceexperimentalIIIC119621999
fighterIIIS36 19641999Swiss IIIC, Upgraded by SF Emmen in 1988.
Financial scandal reduced orders from 100.
advanced trainerIIIBS4196420032 lost in accidents.
advanced trainerIIIDS219832003Replaced crashed Mirage IIIBS.
de Havilland Mosquito[21]Flag of the United Kingdom.svg UKbomberPR.4 & FB.62194419541 used by Swissair for pilot training.
2nd was engine testbed for EFW N-20.
Vampire ag1De Havilland Vampire FB.6, Switzerland - Air Force JP6713747De Havilland (F+W Emmen) Vampire T55 (DH-115) AN2247367de Havilland VampireFlag of the United Kingdom.svg UKfighterF.1419461990First Swiss Air Force jet aircraft. For testing.
fighter-bomberF.617819491990Includes 3 from spare parts.
night fighterNF.10119581961Testing only.
trainerT.553919531990Two seat trainer, 30 built in Switzerland.
Swiss Air Force De Havilland DH-112 Mk 4 Venom being servicedde Havilland VenomFlag of the United Kingdom.svg UKfighter-bomberFB.5012619541984Improved Vampire with new wings.
Swiss FB.50 = RAF FB.1, FB.54 = FB.5.
Dewoitine D26 HB-RAIDewoitine D.26Flag of France.svg FrancetrainerD.261119311948
Dewoitine D.27Dewoitine D.27Flag of France.svg FrancefighterD.276619281944
Do-27Dornier Do 27Flag of Germany.png Germanyaerial sprayingDo 27H2719582005
N-20.10 Aiguillon frontal viewEFW N-20Flag of Switzerland.svg  SwitzerlandfighterN-20119491952First Swiss designed jet fighter, not produced.
EKW C-35EKW C-35[22][23]Flag of Switzerland.svg  SwitzerlandreconnaissanceC-35 & 35-190193719548 built from spares.
Swiss Air Force C-3603-1EKW C-36Flag of Switzerland.svg  SwitzerlandreconnaissanceC-36031601942198720 converted to target tugs, 40 re-engined with turboprop.
Swiss Dauphin helicopter 1Eurocopter Dauphin 2[24]Flag of France.svg FranceVIP transportSA.365N120052009Used by the state government
Fairey Fox[25]Flag of the United Kingdom.svg UKreconnaissanceVI.R219371945
P-16-126FFA P-16Flag of Switzerland.svg  Switzerlandground attackP-16519551960Prototypes. Order for 100 cancelled after 2nd crash. 2 returned to FFA.
Fieseler Storch - Deutsches MuseumFieseler Fi 156Flag of German Reich (1935–1945).svg Nazi Germanytransport, observation
& ambulance
C-3 Trop519401963Number includes 1 impressed.
Focke-Wulf Fw 44Flag of German Reich (1935–1945).svg Nazi GermanytrainerFw 44F119451953
Swiss Fokker C.V-E cutawayFokker C.VFlag of the Netherlands.svg NetherlandsreconnaissanceD & E64 19271954
Häfeli DH-1 rear viewHäfeli DH-1Flag of Switzerland.svg  SwitzerlandreconnaissanceDH-1619161919
Häfeli DH-3 cutawayHäfeli DH-3Flag of Switzerland.svg  SwitzerlandreconnaissanceDH-310919171939
Häfeli DH-5 side viewHäfeli DH-5Flag of Switzerland.svg  SwitzerlandreconnaissanceDH-58019221940
Swiss Air Force Hanriot HD.1Hanriot HD-1Flag of France.svg FrancefighterHD-11619211930
Hawker Hunter F58, Switzerland - Air Force AN2062712Hawker Hunter at ILA 2010 04Hawker HunterFlag of the United Kingdom.svg UKfighter-bomberF.5810019581994Swiss F.58=RAF F.6, FB.58A=FGA.9, T.68=T.66.
Final assembly at Emmen.
3 batches, some converted ex-RAF F.6s.
Swiss AF Hiller UH-12Hiller UH-12[26]Flag of the United States.svg USbattlefield observationB319521962
Ju52 dubJunkers Ju 52/3mFlag of German Reich (1935–1945).svg Nazi GermanytransportVersions319391981Since 1983 museum aircraft at Dübendorf.
Swiss Air Force Gates Learjet 35A Bidini-1Learjet 35Flag of the United States.svg USVIP transportA219872006
Swiss Air Force Messerschmitt Bf 108Messerschmitt Bf 108Flag of German Reich (1935–1945).svg Nazi GermanyliaisonB1819381959
Swiss Messerschmitt Bf 109-E3 top left viewMesserschmitt Bf 109Flag of German Reich (1935–1945).svg Nazi GermanyfighterD-11019391949
fighterE-1 & E-38919391948
fighterG-6 & G-141619441947
Morane-Saulnier GFlag of France.svg FrancetrainerG or H119141919
Morane-Saulnier MS.229Flag of France.svg FrancetrainerEt2219311941
Morane2Morane-Saulnier MS.406[27]Flag of France.svg FrancefighterMS.406219391954Trainer after replaced as fighter in 1948.
17 3801s built from spares after production ended.
Nardi FN.315Flag of Italy (1861-1946) crowned.svg Kingdom of ItalytrainerFN.315219441948
Nieuport 23Flag of France.svg Francetrainer23 C.1519171921
Swiss Air Force Nieuport 28 C-1Nieuport 28Flag of France.svg Francefighter28 C.11519181930
Swiss Air Force Nord 1203 NorécrinNord NorécrinFlag of France.svg Franceliaison1201119481952
Nord NorvigieFlag of France.svg FranceliaisonNC.850119491950Tested and returned to Nord
Swiss Air Force P-51 Mustang side viewNorth American P-51 Mustang[28]Flag of the United States.svg USreconnaissanceP-51B-10119441945Some bought surplus for $4000 US ea.
North American Harvard[29]Flag of Canada.svg CanadatrainerMk.IIB4019481968Surplus ex-RCAF (Canadian built).
Pilatus P2 Sywell1 cropPilatus P-2[30]Flag of Switzerland.svg  SwitzerlandtrainerP-2 05 & 065519451981
Pilatus P-3 A-829Pilatus P-3[31]Flag of Switzerland.svg  SwitzerlandtrainersP-37319561995Number includes prototype.
Piper Super Cub[32]Flag of the United States.svg USobservationPA-18-150619481975
Potez 25[33]Flag of France.svg FrancereconnaissanceL-25 A.21719271940
Potez 63[34]Flag of France.svg Francebomber630 & 633219381944
Rockwell Grand CommanderFlag of the United States.svg USmapping680FL119761993Civil registered for Federal Office of Topography.
Siebel Si 204Flag of German Reich (1935–1945).svg Nazi GermanytransportD-1119451955Interned.
Stinson SentinelFlag of the United States.svg USliaisonL-5119441945
Swiss Air Force DjionSud-Ouest Djinn[35]Flag of France.svg FrancetrainerS.O.1221419581964Returned to manufacturer following rotor problems.
Weber-Landolf-Münch WLM-1Flag of Switzerland.svg  SwitzerlandgliderWLM-121951unk

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