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The M1128 or Stryker MGS is a mobile gun derivative of the Stryker APC, a devirative of the MOWAG Piranha with a mounted Royal Ordnance L7 105mm cannon.
Stryker mgs l2

Striker MGS


The Stryker AGS is one of the most controversial versions of this vehicle derived from the original draft of the MOWAG Piranha. Continues today under discussion the validity of

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A M1128 Striker MGS equipped with Cage Armor

putting a gun to 105mm high-power in a highly mobile vehicle with 8x8 traction. The 'war' between wheels and tracks especially in the U.S. Army did not cease to exist, several competing concepts on which some assert the need to maintain forces based on vehicles with the tactical advantage that only the tracks can provide, while there are those who say greater speed of vehicles on wheels, turns out to mean much more mobile and also a tactical advantage. The Stryker AGS has the capability to shoot on the move and carries 18 105mm ammunition that can be triggered automatically. The main gun can fire ammunition as much kinetic energy as piercing ammunition and explosive ammunition or even deformable ammunition (known as HESH). The vehicle have means of target acquisition that are common in modern armored vehicles and their high firepower puts the Stryker nearly the level of a modern tank, if not considered his armor that is pretty light compared to a MBT. The Stryker has been one of the most critical vehicle of the U.S. Armed Forces and one of the reasons lies precisely in the fact that its use on the battlefield can lead to its use against vehicles with more armor. Moreover the use of the Stryker in environments of high-intensity war, does highlight the weakness and weakness of his armor. Actually, the Stryker was initially limited to a maximum weight of about 18 tons, precisely because of the requirements in the initial specification was the need for him to be transported by a C-130. The vehicle suffered though some increases in weight and from 2002 the standard version already exceeded 20 tonnes, which led again to a redesign of the concept to try to reduce weight.


General CharacteristicsEdit

  • Crew: 3
  • Length: 6.95m

    Stryker MGS firing it's 105mm gun

  • Width: 2.72m
  • Height: 2.64m
  • Weight:
    • Empty: 16.000 kg
    • Ready for Combat: 20.250 kg


  • Traction System: Eight Wheels
  • Engine: one Caterpillar 3126 turbo diesel
  • Engine Power: 350Hp
  • Maximum Speed: 96 km/h


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