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Kongsberg Protector RWS on M1126

M151 Protector with an M2 heavy machine gun on an M1126 Stryker vehicle.

The M151 PROTECTOR Remote Weapon Station is a remotely-controlled weapons station (RWS) that can be mounted to vehicles and stationary platforms. It is manufactured by Kongsberg Defence & Aerospace [1] of Kongsberg, Norway.

The PROTECTOR is commonly used by the US Army Stryker Brigades.[2][3]


The system consists of a stabilized firing platform, a fire control system and control grips. Several weapons can be mounted to the platform, such as:

The system, also features 4 M6 Smoke Grenade Dischargers.


M151 versionsEdit

  • M151 PROTECTOR – deployed with the first Stryker brigades
  • M151 E1 (Block 1) – includes improved thermal cameras
  • M151 E2 (Block 2) – stabilized version
  • Several country specific adaptations

Other variantsEdit

  • Sea PROTECTOR – for naval applications
  • PROTECTOR NM221 – includes internal ammunition feed

Operator countriesEdit


A M151 PROTECTOR on a Stryker ICV

In addition to the home country Flag of Norway.svg Norway's M113 APC and Tactica vehicles (PROTECTOR NM221), and the Iveco LMV (PROTECTOR Lite), the PROTECTOR is widely used internationally.

Current operators:
(listed alphabetically)

Planned operators:



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