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The M3 (also known as Grease Gun) Was a submachine gun developed by United States during WWII as a cheaper substitute for Tommy Gun. Due to its format was nicknamed "Grease Gun".

A version with silencer of M3 was also used during Vietnam War by teams of Navy SEALs.

History & DesignEdit

When WWII began the Thompson M1 was the standard submachine gun
Id smg m3 700 06

American infantryman firing at North Korean troops during the Korean War

of the United States of America. However, Thompson was more costly in terms of time and production costs, compared to other machine guns. Other new models of Thompson had greatly reduced the cost of production (e.g. the M1928 against M1A1), but a new design could lower the cost even more. The basic concept of a new weapon, cheap and designed for mass production has its origins in Chauchat of World War I, the submachine gun produced most of the war. The .45 ACP caliber M3 was introduced in 1942 and is specifically designed for a simpler production used no metal parts stamping. Similar efforts to produce a submachine gun on low production costs were made by Great Britain (Lanchester Submachine Gun and Sten) Germany (MP-34), Etc. ... The Soviet Union, France And Italy would also develop weapons cheaper in 40s


Caliber .45 ACP / 9mm
Operation Blowback
Rate of Fire 450 min
Output velocity of the projectile 280 m / s, 920 ft / s
Weight 3.7 kg
Overall length 745 (570) mm
Barrel length 203 mm
Food 30 ammunition loader
Variants M3 and M3A1

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