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The Armed forces of Republic of Macedonia (In Macedonian:' Армија на Република Македонија, Armijo Republika Makedonija ) Is the name of armed forces of Republic of Macedonia. The Macedonian military defense is a force consisting of an army (Армија,
558px-Coat of arms of the Republic of Macedonia svg

The Coat of arms of the Republic of Macedonia.

Armijo), A Air Force (Воено Воздухопловство, Voeno vozduhoplovstvo) And a professional military unit, the Macedonian special forces (Волци, Volc). The national defense policy is intended to ensure: the preservation of independence and sovereignty of the Republic, the integrity of its territory, territorial waters and airspace, and defend Constitution the country. His main interests are still developing and maintaining a credible capability to defend the vital interests of the nation.

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