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2013 Farah attack (In Afghanistan), Amatola War, Aras War, Arretine War, Balkan Wars of 1912, British-Dutch Wars, Constitutionalist War, Danubian Wars, East Timor Resistance War, First Palestinian War, Four Days' War, Hittite-Egyptian Conflict

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Medal of Honor recipients
Richard J. Gage, John Galloway, Charles N. Gardner, Robert J. Gardner, William Garrett, William Garvin, Richard Gasson, Levi B. Gaylord, Daniel G. George, Wesley Gibbs, Benjamin Gifford, David L. Gifford, Edward L. Gilligan, John C. Gilmore, Patrick Ginley, Joseph Gion, Philip Goettel, Charles A. Goheen, Francis H. Goodall, William E. Goodman

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British Destroyers
Acasta, Achates, Christopher, Cockatrice, Contest, Fortune, Garland, Hardy, Lynx, Midge, Porpoise, Unity, Victor

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