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The Marlin Class is a class of patrol ships of the Brazilian Navy.

Built by the shipbuilding industry of Ceará (in Portuguese Industria Naval do Ceara or INACE), the project is based on a model created by the yard Italian luxury yacht Baglietto, the city of Varazze.

The ships will be used in the Capitania dos Portos (a Brazilian equivalent of the USCG) to carry out the actions of patrol vessels, surveillance of maritime traffic and the actions of search and rescue (SAR) and other subsidiary task.


AviPa Barracuda (LP-02)

AviPa Barracuda one of the vessels of the Marlin Class

In 1996, the Navy shipyard in Brazil has ordered the shipyard National Technical Company (in Portuguese Empresa Técnica Nacional or TNC), in Belém, on the Brazilian state of Pará. The Shipyard ETN had trouble completing the contract which was taken over by INACE for the completion of six units that were in production.

The LP-01 Marlin was delivered in July 2006, six months after the six hulls were brought by sea to Fortaleza to Belem. The LP-02 Barracuda was tabled on May 27, 2009 and LP-03 Dourado on September 25 of that year, the LP-04 Albacora was delivered in August 9, 2010. The remaining vessels will be completed in 2010.

Two units of the same design were commissioned by the Navy of Namibia to the yard INACE.

Units of the ClassEdit


  • Displacement: 45 tons [1]
  • Total length of 22.8 meters
  • Beam: 5.5 meters
  • Draft: 1.05 meters
  • Propulsion: 2 diesel engines MTU 8V 2000 M92 model, with 8 cylinder engine, four stroke, turbo-powered
  • Electrical System: 2 groups diesel-power generators with capacity of 35 KVA.
  • Speed: 25 knots (maximum)
  • Runtime: 3 days and a radius of 420 miles at 18 knots speed economic
  • Crew: 10 men (2 officers, 8 squares)
  • Armament: two 7.62mm FN MAG machine guns
  • Other: The ship is equipped with a pneumatic support vessel with capacity for 5 people with an outboard motor of 40 HP

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