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The Mauser 1908 was a bolt-action rifle created by the Mauser in cooperation of the Brazilian Army. 400,000 were purchased in 1908 to replace the 1894 Mauser, ammo already using sharp, better
Mauser g98
ballistic effect. Basically similar to the German G98 rifle, kept the size traditional Brazilian and certain modifications to suit national needs, such as the backside, simpler and cheaper. Their concept of long-range gun, became obsolete in WW1, but even so, Brazil purchased identical rifles in 1935. Remained in service until 1954 mostly as a sniper rifle.


  • Model:

    Close-up of the receiver markings of the Mauser 08

    Rifle ordinary (common) 08
  • Caliber: 7x57mm Mauser
  • Length: 125 cm (155 cm with bayonet)
  • Weight: 4.1 kg (4.7 kg with bayonet)
  • Barrel length: 74 cm
  • Skates: enconcentric right, step gauges 31.43
  • Handle: Blade, set 100 to 1200 m, in increments of 100 m.
  • Initial velocity: 884 m / s
  • Range: 4,000 m (max) 600 m (effective)
  • Penetration: 5.75 mm steel /80 cm pine 100 m or 4 mm steel/110 cm of pine at 400 m.

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