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The Messerschmitt Me-262A-2a Sturmvogel was a project ordered by Hitler to make a Fighter-bomber version of the Me-262 Schwalbe.


The 'Sturmvogel' assault bird or storm bird was designed and conceived by direct influence of Adolf Hitler, as the war was evolving, the Germany began increasingly depositing their hopes of victory in Wunderwaffen, or 'wonder weapons'. In
ME262Sturm 01

A Me-262A-2 taking of from a german airport.

November 1943 Hitler had asked the head of the Luftwaffe, Hermann Goering and Willy Messerschmitt, the Me-262 could be converted to fighter-bomber. At the time the two a positive response. The head of the factory claimed that the Me-262 had been prepared to carry 500 kg of bombs and could be further developed to allow the transport of the double.

Hitler was therefore included this aircraft in its defense plans against an Allied attack that was expected for 1944. But in a meeting held a few months later May 23, 1944, Hitler - he believed that the Me-262 was being developed primarily as fighter-bomber - was informed that the aircraft was a fighter aircraft, i.e. a fighter interceptor. Hitler becomes even more amazed and angered when he asks Herhard Milch, the Head of the Air Ministry, how many bombs the Me-262 could carry, and the latter answered: None! At the time Hitler Erhard Milch said that the plane only with a major redesign could carry bombs, and even then could only carry two 250 kg bombs at most. Hitler had one of his familiar rages, but apparently Herhard Milch had staked almost exclusively in the interceptor version of the Me-262, when German intelligence services found that Americans were preparing to introduce new aircraft and bomber escort large footprint in the attacks against Germany. Milch ended up being blamed for not having developed the fighter-bomber version and insisted that Hitler was such urgency to the development version of 'Jagger' or fighter-bomber variant of the Me-262. The German engineers tried to solve the problem of the order of Hitler with a solution that was clearly unprepared. The 'Sturmvogel' would have only two 30mm cannons instead of four. Would be equipped with an aiming system and supporters had engaged to carry a 500 kg bomb or two 250 kg bombs that were carried on the front of the plane. The Me-262 was designed for speed and therefore its usefulness as a bomber was reduced. He could not serve as dive bomber, would gain too much speed and it would be uncontrollable. To be able to carry up to 500 kg of bombs to protect the cabin was removed and an additional fuel tank had to be included on the back of the plane. The Sturmvogel was far from being a success. The costs of developing this version and the cost of building the aircraft, which would have been much more useful function of interceptors eventually be more harmful than beneficial to the Germans. A small number of 9 'Sturmvogel' was sent to France in 1944 to tackle the expected invasion at Pas de Calais, which did not occur and in August 1944 Hitler came to give orders that would develop the fighter version, but guarantee it is was possible to convert the Me-262 fighter at fighter-bomber with ease.


General CharacteristicsEdit

  • Length: 10.2m
  • Wingspan: 12.51m
  • Height: 3.83m
    Me262Sturm front

    Frontal picture of the Sturmvogel

  • Empty weight: 4400 kg
  • Maximum weight: 6450 kg
  • Crew: 1


  • Engines: 2x Junkers Jumo 004B-1
  • Total power: 1800Kgf
  • Max Speed: 720 mph
  • Standard Range: 900 km
  • Maximum Range: 1100 km
  • Altitude: 9000 Meters


  • 2x 30mm Mk-108 Machineguns
  • 500 kg of bombs

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