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First jet fighter to enter operational use, the Me-262 was years ahead in terms of design and performance, however, did not have sufficient priority, arriving too late to change the course of the war. Jet engines, because of the high performance, had poor reliability, causing many casualties. The first units to use it operationally bombing were (in order of Hitler, the planes were modified to carry bombs), with poor results due to the high approach speed. Only in 1944 were used in its natural function of the interceptor, with some successes against the many allied bombers and fighters.


  • Model: Me-262A-1a
    800px-Messerschmitt Me 262 Schwalbe 3d drawing svg

    Messerchimit ME-262 3D Drawings

  • Wingspan: 12,50 m
  • Length: 10.60 m
  • Height: 3.80 m
  • Weight: 4,000 kg (empty) and 7045 kg (laden)
  • Engine: 2 B Jumo 004 turbojet axial flow (buoyancy of 900 kg)
  • Maximum speed: 870 km / h
  • Ascension Home: 1,200 m / min.
  • Maximum ceiling: 11,500 m
  • Range: 1050 km
  • Armament: 4 cannons of 30 mm Mk-108
  • Charge Pumps: None

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