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Derived from Me321 glider with engine design and manufacturing French, this was the largest transport aircraft of World War II can carry more than 130 equipped troops or a 88 mm cannon, complete with trailer, trim or ammunition and all kinds Load up to 10 ton. Its disadvantages were the size and low speed, making it easy prey for the fighters.


Model: Me 323D-1 Wingspan: 55 m Length: 28.15 m Height: 10.5 m Weight: 27,330 kg (empty) and 43,000 (loaded) Engine: Six Gnome-Rhone 14 N 48/49, 14-cylinder radial (990 hp) Maximum speed: 285 km / h (empty) Maximum ceiling: 4,000 m Range: 1.100 km Defensive Weapons: 5 MG 15 machine guns of 7.92 mm Crew: 7 men

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