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The Moisin Nagant M39 was a Finnish rifle based on model Mosin Nagant 1891 and was used in the Winter War and the WWII


Finland declared independence from Russia in 1917. Taking advantage of the revolutionary environment in Russia at the time, the Finnish White Guards expelled all communist. The armories left behind became the property of the new Finnish Republic. The Russian Model 1891 became the standard issue to Finnish troops. These rifles were not to the specifications required by the Finnish army so the Finnish m/39 was rebuilt upon Russian Model 1891 receivers and included new barrels, sights, and stocks.

These rifles saw action in Continuance War against the Soviet Union. The tactics of the Finnish army depended upon smaller squads of attacking troops and the deployment of snipers.

After the Winter and Continuance wars the Finn's had a new influx of Russian Model 1891/30 and never had to manufacture receivers.

This Finnish m/39 Mosin-Nagant is the one of the finest examples of the Mosin Nagant rifle. Incredible feats of accuracy with these rifles will make any shooter a true believer.


Weight 4kilogram (8.8pound) (M91/30)

3.4kilogram (5.7pound) (M38) 4.1kilogram (9pound) (M44)

Length 1.232millimeter (48.5 in) (M91/30)1.013millimeter (39.9 in) (Carbines)
Drum length 730millimeter (7.28 in) (M91/30)514millimeter (2.20 in) (Carbines)

Cartridge 7.62x54mmR
Action Bolt-action



Sphere clear ~ 850m / s (2.789 ft / s) Rifle~ 800m / s (2.625 ft / s) Carbine.
Feed System the 5 round magazine, loaded with five-round charger clips
Sights Read the stairs M91/30 2000m 100m and 100m to 1000m in M38 and M44, seen from the front of the fixed-post

M-39 and his sniper versions

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