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The NPA Macaé (P-70) is a patrol ship of the Macaé Class, built by the shipyard INACE to equip the Brazilian Navy.


NPa Macaé (P-70)

NPa Macaé, the first of his class.

ncorporated into the Navy of Brazil on December 9 of 2009, [1] was integrated into the Naval Group of Southeast. The Agenda No. 7 / 2009 of the General Staff of the Navy, in compliance with the provisions of Ordinance No. 415 of December 1 of 2009, the Navy Command, held the Exhibition of Armament, as recommended in the ordinance General Service to the Navy [2] . The ceremony took place in the city of Fortaleza, state of Ceará and was attended by, among other authorities, the Navy Commander of Ghana, the Alte C Matthew Quashie and former Navy Commander, Esq Alte Roberto Guimaraes Carvalho [3] .

Origin of nameEdit

His name is an homage to the city Macaé located on the coast of the state of Rio de Janeiro, an important center to support offshore exploration for oil in Brazil.

Macaé is a word of Indian origin, whose meaning is sweet coconut, palm fruit produced by macabaíba.


NPa Macaé (P-70) during its launch pad consatrução in the yard INACE.The NPA Macaé (P70), built by the shipbuilding industry of Ceará SA (INAC) and the first of a new class of patrol boats, their design was based on the patrol vessel Vigilant Class, originally French, perfected in Brazil, adding modern national systems in its structure, as the System Control and Monitoring of Machines (SCM) and Terminal Tactical Intelligence (TTI).

Its duties to act in surveillance of Brazilian Jurisdictional Waters (AJB), developing activities of naval patrol, marine surveying, safety of life at sea, marine pollution monitoring and protection of offshore oil fields, and contribute to security of national maritime traffic.

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