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The NTrT Ary Parreiras (G-21) Was a vessel of the Custódio de Mello Class used to transport troops across the ocean and the first ship to use this name in honor of the Admiral Ary Parreiras.

Built in Japan, was incorporated to the Brazilian Navy in February 15 of 1957, all ships of the Custódio de Mello Class were descomissioned between 2001 and 2002.


  • NTrT Ary Parreira (G-21)

    NTrT Ary Parreira (G-21)

    Displacement (tons):
    6520 standard / 7433 full - load
  • Dimensions (meters): 119.5 x 16 x 6.3
  • Crew: 159
  • Action radius (miles) : 5,000 to 14 knots
  • Speed (knots ): 15
  • Troop Capacity : 497 - default / 1972 - most
  • Load Capacity (tons) : 4,000
  • Armament: two or four Mk 10 Oerlikon 20mm guns and four repairs Mk 26 76mm cannon
  • Builder : Ishikawajima Heavy Industries Co. Ltd., Japan

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