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Montebello Islands
Map showing nuclear test sites in Australia
Type Nuclear test range
Location 20°19′08″S 115°35′14″E / 20.31889°S 115.58722°E / -20.31889; 115.58722 in Australia
Operator United Kingdom
Status Inactive
In use 1953 – 1956

Operation Mosaic was a series of two atmospheric nuclear tests conducted by Britain in the Montebello Islands off the north-west coast of Australia in 1956. It was preceded by Operation Totem (1953) and succeeded by Operation Buffalo (1956) both conducted in South Australia.

Test: G1Edit

  • Time: 16 May 1956 (0350 GMT, 10:50 WAST)
  • Location: Trimouille Island in the Montebello Islands, Australia, 20.23 S, 115.55 E
  • Test Height and Type: Aluminum tower, 31m
  • Yield: 15 kt

Test: G2Edit

  • Time: 19 June 1956 (0214 GMT, 10:14 WAST)
  • Location: Alpha Island in the Monte Bello Islands, Australia, 20.40 S 115.53 E
  • Test Height and Type: Aluminum tower, 31 m
  • Yield: 98 kt

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