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The Panzerbrigade 36 "Mainfranken" was a Brigade of German Army and had their Staff modified in Veitshöchheim. It was disbanded in 2002 and served under the 12th Panzer Division.

Association BadgeEdit

The Association badge of the brigade takes up the symbolism of the emblem of their Franconia at home. The background shows the Franconian rake silver-red. This symbol appears in both the Coat of arms of Baden-Württemberg and in Bavarian State coat of arms on, so the home countries of the brigade. The second symbol is a notched, square, red and gold flag on a silver spear rod, as in the arms of the Franconian town Würzburg is included. It is similar to the flag of the old duchy of Franconia. As customary in the third brigade of a division, the shield is surrounded by a yellow cord. Only through this border, this association differs by the Association's badge insignia of the 12th Division and the other subordinate brigades of this division.


The brigade was in 1963 in Bad Mergentheim repositioned and the 12th Panzer Division assumed . In 1963, the Mechanised Infantry Battalion 362 in change Walldürn to the brigade . Also in 1963, the brigade replaced the tank battalions 363 and 364, the tank battalion from the 273 (Böblingen) were formed. Until 1956, the tank battalion moved 363 Külsheim. In Bad Mergentheim 1963, 360 armored engineer company was formed. In the Army Structure 3 consisted of the Brigade:

In 1980, the brigade also were under the newly formed Tank Battalion 361 of Külsheim . The armored engineer company 360 was completed in 1992 out of service. By taking the structure 5, the Army Mechanized Infantry Battalion 362 as moved by Aufwuchsbataillon Mellrichstadt. From the Mechanized Infantry Brigade 35 changed in 1993, the Panzer Grenadier Battalion 352, the armored artillery battalion 355, the armored engineer company 350 and the armored infantry training simulator company chain to 303 Brigade. 1993 is the 12th Panzer Division was dissolved and the brigade moved to the Military District Command VI /1st Mountain Division. At the same time moved the brigade to Veitshöchheim. 1994 to merge the staffs of the brigade and the staff of the Military Regional Commands 64 (Würzburg). The Military Regional Command 64 was dissolved in 1995 and the Brigade was independent again. In 1996, the anti-tank company of the brigade was dissolved. For example at the brigade from 1997:

  • Staff and Headquarters Company in Veitshöchheim
  • Field Replacement Company 360 (gekadert) in Veitshöchheim
  • Panzer Battalion 363 (active) in Külsheim
  • Panzer Battalion 364 (non-active) in Külsheim
  • Car driving simulator training center chain in Külsheim
  • Panzer Artillery Battalion 355 (active) in Wildflecken
  • Panzer Pioneer Company 350 in Wildflecken
  • Mechanized Infantry Battalion 352 (active) in Mellrichstadt
  • Mechanized Infantry Battalion 362 (non-active) in Mellrichstadt
  • Armored reconnaissance company 240 (non-active in the peace declaration Gebirgspanzerauf - eight subordinate battalions ) in Freyung

In July 2000 she received the nickname "Franconia" awarded . The 36 Armoured Brigade on 7 June 2002 out of service. The armored infantry battalions 352 and 362 and changed the tank battalion of 363 Brigade, 30th Mechanized Infantry Resolved, the company pioneered the tanks 350 and the non-active tank battalion 364th The Panzer Artillery Battalion 355 was transformed into an active battalion and moved to Neunburg.


The brigade was commanded by (rank in command-over):

No Name Start of the appeal The end of appointment
14 Colonel Werner Kullack 2000 2001
13 Briggen Klaus Hollander 1996 1999
12 Colonel Rolf Bernd 1 April 1993 1995
11 Colonel Gert Gudera 1 April 1991 31 March 1993
10 Colonel Peter-John of Geyso 1 April 1988 31 March 1991
9 Colonel Edgar Trost 1 April 1986 31 March 1988
8 Briggen Hasso Freiherr von Gleichen-Uslar 1 April 1983 31 March 1986
7 Colonel Hermann Teske 1 October 1980 31 March 1983
6 Colonel Siegfried Storbeck 1 October 1978 30 September 1980
5 Briggen Ekkehard Medert 1974 30 September 1978
4 Briggen Werner Heyd 1 January 1971 1974
3 Colonel Hans-Otto Göricke 14 April 1969 31 December 1970
2 Briggen Hans -Georg Biedermann 1 April 1965 13 April 1969
1 Briggen Hubert Sonneck 1963 31 March 1965


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