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800px-CT Amazonas (CT-1) 7 setembro de 1923

Destroyer CT Amazonas (CT-1) one of the destroyers of Pará Class

Class built in England in the modernization plan of the Brazilian fleet. 1906. Already in the First World War were obsolete, because they have no sonar equipment and fire control. Some participated in D.N.O.G. and six were still in service in World War II, when they were equipped with rails-launched depth charges for escort service.


  • Quantity completed: 10 (Mato Grosso, Piauí, Rio Grande do Norte, Paraiba, Santa Catarina, Sergipe, Alagoas, Para, Amazonas and Paraná)
  • Length: 73.15 m.
  • Beam (width): 7.16 m.
  • Silent: 2.38 m.
  • Displacement: 560 tons (normal) 640 tons (full load)
  • Propulsion: Two triple expansion engines (8,000 hp), two boilers Yarrow.
  • Maximum speed: 27 knots
  • Autonomy: 3000 km at 15 knots
  • Primary armament: 2 101.6 mm cannons, simple installations
  • Secondary armament: 4 47 mm cannons, simple installations
  • Torpedoes: Simple 2 torpedo tubes 457 mm
  • Crew: 110

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