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The People's Liberation Army Hong Kong Garrison is a garrison of the People's Liberation Army (PLA) of the People's Republic of China (PRC) responsible for defence duties of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region since the sovereignty of Hong Kong was handed over to the PRC in 1997. Prior to the handover, Hong Kong was under British rule, and the defence of Hong Kong was the responsibility of the British Forces Overseas Hong Kong.

As a non-sovereign territory, Hong Kong has never had a military force of its own. The garrison is headquartered in Chinese People's Liberation Army Forces Hong Kong Building in Central, Hong Kong. The troop strength at the garrison is about 6000 personnel.

Role in Hong KongEdit

The Central People's Government (CPG) of the People's Republic of China (PRC) assumed sovereignty over Hong Kong on 1 July 1997 and stationed a garrison of the People's Liberation Army (PLA) in Hong Kong to manage its defence affairs. Although the garrison has no military significance, the stationing of the PLA troops in the region is a significant symbol of the PRC government's resumption of exercise of sovereignty over Hong Kong. It is also an imperative guarantee for the conservation of state sovereignty and sanctuary and the upholding of the region's long-term prosperity and stability.

The Basic Law provides that the CPG shall be responsible for the defence of Hong Kong and shall bear the expenditure for the garrison, whereas the colonial Hong Kong Government before 1997 had to pay for the military. The Garrison Law, subsequently enacted by the National People's Congress, contains specific provisions on the duties and rules of discipline of the garrison personnel, jurisdiction and other questions, to facilitate the Hong Kong Garrison in fulfilling its defence functions along legal lines. Military forces stationed in Hong Kong shall not interfere in the local affairs and the Hong Kong government shall be responsible for the maintenance of public order. The Garrison formally stationed in Hong Kong assumed defence responsibility for Hong Kong starting midnight on 1 July 1997.

The Hong Kong Garrison includes elements of the People's Liberation Army Ground Force, PLA Navy, and PLA Air Force; these forces are under the direct leadership of the Central Military Commission in Beijing and under administrative control of the adjacent Guangzhou Military Region.

While performing its defence duties, the Hong Kong Garrison must abide by both national and Hong Kong laws, as well as the current rules and regulations of the PLA. After its entry into Hong Kong, the Hong Kong Garrison abide by the Basic Law and the Garrison Law, actively organising military training. According to the Garrison Law, the Garrison established working contacts with the Hong Kong Government, and opened the barracks on Stonecutters Island and Stanley to the public to promote Hong Kong people's understanding of and trust in the garrison troops.


Personnel in the Hong Kong Garrison wore uniforms different from their mainland counterparts until a new set of uniforms were introduced in 2007. Motor vehicles in the military are right-hand drive, like civilian vehicles, and carry number plates that start with ZG, standing for zhugang (駐港).


The Hong Kong Garrison reports to both the Guangzhou Military Region and Central Military Commission in Beijing, and informs Hong Kong Government of any actions within or around Hong Kong.

The commanders of the Garrions are as follows:

Past commanders:


The naval presence in Hong Kong is limited sub-station with a small fleet of ships rotating from ships from bases in the mainland:


South Sea Fleet Squadron 38081 - a naval squadron of the South Sea Fleet



Class or name Builder Type Quantity Year Entered ServiceDetails
Houjian class Huangpu Shipyard, Guangzhou  People's Republic of China missile boat 6 1990s carries five C-801/YJ-1 anti-ship missiles, 1 twin 37 mm Anti-aircraft guns and 2 twin 30 mm cannons
Type 074 Yuhai (Wuhu-A) class Wuhu Shipyard of Wuhu, Anhui  People's Republic of China Medium Landing Ship 2 1995-2000 Two 25 mm guns

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Air ForceEdit



PLA Hong Kong Garrison has three air bases with only one within Hong Kong:

Aircraft InventoryEdit

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Aircraft Country of Manufacture Type In Service Notes
Harbin Z-9  People's Republic of China utility helicopter 12 - at Sek Kong Airfield upgraded variant of AS 565 Panther and SA 360 Dauphin 2

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Infantry Garrison Brigade (Air Assault) (Unit 53300)

Formerly 1st Red Regiment of 1st Red Division, 1st Red Army. The 1st Red Regiment comprised the 424th Regiment, 142nd Division, 48th Army (1949).In 1952, the 142nd Division was assigned to 55th Army and the 424th Regiment renamed the 430th Regiment. In 1970, the 144th Division was renamed as the 163rd Division and 430th Regiment renamed as 487th Regiment.



ZFB91 6 wheeled Armored Personnel Carrier (Internal Security/Anti-Riot Vehicle) 21 1980s Norinco, People's Republic of China With 12.7mm machine gun
Type 88 5.8 mm sniper rifle N/A Norinco  People's Republic of China
QBZ-95 (Type 95) 5.8 mm automatic assault rifle N/A Norinco,  People's Republic of China
Jiefang CA-30 Utility trucks N/A N/A First Automobile Works, Changchun,  People's Republic of China
QBZ-03 5.8 mm automatic assault rifle N/A Norinco,  People's Republic of China
QCW-05 Submachine gun N/A Norinco,  People's Republic of China
EQ2050A Chinese copy of High Mobility Multipurpose Wheeled Vehicle N/A 2010?
Jialing JH600 Duke motorcycle N/A  ? copy of BMW F650

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