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Pindad SS4

Pindad SS4 is new radical program planned by PT Pindad to create a whole new rifle that did now follow any previous creation. Despite having bore the series name the SS (Senapan Serbu) meaning Assault Rifle it is actually a Battle Rifle (Senapan Tempur in Indonesian) which have an effective range up to 300-600 meter PT Pindad promises that the new rifle will have three variant:
  1. Riflemen variant will have an effective range up to 100-300 meter.
  2. Marksmen variant will have an effective range up to 300-600 meter.
  3. Sniper variant will have an effective range up tp 600-1000 meter.



Pindad SS4 being held

The new rifle will uses 7,62x22mm NATO round, have an adjustable buttstock unlike the other SS series which have fixed elevated buttstock, an adjustable iron sights, a Tripod maybe become a permanent accessory.


  • Caliber: 7,62x22mm NATO (.308 win)
  • Barrel length: 306 mm
  • Overall length: 1090 mm
  • Magazine capacity: 15 rounds


As the weapon is still in a mock-up stage the appearance, design & specification may change as time goes or it could be cancelled completely.

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